Meet The Team

Chief Snack Officer

Elaine lives in Singapore with her husband, 2 kids and her dog, Teddy. She began her professional career in banking. In 2020, she created Tasty Snack because she always had to figure out ways to feed her hungry kids. If Elaine were a snack, she would probably be an artisanal milk chocolate bar with a honeycomb center, because “we should all indulge in a little daydreaming.”

Tech Lead

Yan Kai met Elaine at a coffee shop in a friendly neighborhood. They spoke about his 2 cats pixel and pedro, and how he was good at developing technological strategies. When Yan Kai is not busy implementing new systems and infrastructure, he’s busy reading. If Yan Kai were a snack, he would probably be “chewing gum, because it can be used to fix things if necessary.”

Businesss Development Lead

Kate started her career in the Arts, living in England and Scotland before returning home. She's now a wizard of light bulb moments and loves curating the best snack experiences for our clients. When she's not busy munching, you can find her geeking out at the museums. If Kate were a snack, she would probably be the ubiquitous potato chip because "everyone needs a universal adaptor at their party".