Corporate Solutions Made Easy

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, delight them with our customized or pre-curated corporate gifts delivered across Singapore, straight to their doorstep. From on-boarding goodie bags of gift hamper for your colleagues to virtual meetings and everything in between.

Be it stocking up a pantry filled with unique snacks, a personalized logo branded snack box, or let your recipient build their own snack box; we’ve got it all covered for you.

Branding & Customisation

Sealing Stickers
& Sleeves

Fun Sticker Pack

Customised Note

Craft Strings

Branded Gifts

Pantry Styling

Why Tasty Snack

Tasty SnackOVER 1,500 VARIETIES
Sourced globally with new snacks added daily
Snacks on our website
And personalised add ons
Available on our website
Within Singapore & International shipping available
Other Companies Limited variety of snacks Mass produced snacks found easily in supermarkets Generic gift box with limited customisations Does not include any nutritional information $5 per delivery within Singapore & Limited international shipping options

Over 2,000 Snacks To Choose

We understand your need for convenient and unique corporate gift sets solutions. With over 2,000 in a variety of fun and exciting snacks, beverages, and gift cards to add to, there is definitely something for everyone at any moment like Christmas gift sets, gift baskets, or quarantine care packs. We provide healthy, halal, vegan options and even pair them with thematic nibbles and sips. Want to see our words in action?

Our Pre-curated Gift Boxes


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add items other than snacks?

  • Yes definitely! Corporate gifts, balloons, flowers you name it we have it! Items that require personalised logos can take from 2 weeks to be completed depending on order quantity. Get in touch for the full list of items products available.

Can you deliver to multiple locations?

We do! You can request for individual delivery of your gifts to your recipient's homes.

Can you change the standard kraft box to another colour/design?

You can! Just select from our range of add-ons available, or get in touch with us for the range of customised boxes.

Can you provide message cards & customised stickers?

You bet we do! Just let us know your requirements & we'll handle the rest.

Do you have a GeBiz account?

Yes! Please don't hesitate to get in touch for your gifting needs.

How can I order snacks for my office pantry?

Let us know your monthly budget, number of staff and dietary requirements and we will curate an ever-changing snack pantry for you!

How much are your gift boxes & pantry snacks?

We pick the best snacks that cater to your budget and requirements!

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What Others Are Saying

“It was really painful before you guys came along, picking out gifts for our employees is now a breeze. 

This is our repeat order with Tasty Snack and the second customised gift box was even more popular with our colleagues than the first!”

Kenix, Assistant Manager, Toyota