8 Eco Friendly Healthy Snacks & Drinks For Earth Day



Are you looking for some delicious snacks and drinks that aren't just healthy but also good for the environment? Well, look no further!


This Earth Day, try out these 8 eco-friendly snacks from Singapore that are sure to hit all the right notes. Not only will they make your taste buds happy, but they have a minimal environmental impact as well – so it's an experience you and Mother Nature can both enjoy.





Source: Shopee SG


If you're looking for a healthier snack that still satisfies your sweet tooth, Zenko Ancient Grain Dark Chocolate Clusters are the perfect option.


They look just like mini popcorn clusters but have a completely different texture and taste, thanks to the popped Sorghum seeds. And with only 12g per packet, they won't leave you feeling guilty either!


The clusters are made with the finest dark chocolate and offer an indulgent fix while still being much better for you than traditional snacks. Try these delicious little treats today and feel guilt-free!






Who knew figs could taste so good? Naked's Turkish figs are the real deal; they're 100% organic and packed full of yumminess without any additives or artificial colours - just pure, delicious goodness.


Not to mention the fact that they come with a guarantee of being halal, vegan, and gluten-free, what makes these figs even better is that they're picked during peak ripeness and then sun-dried naturally, meaning you don't have to worry about pesky extra ingredients like sulphites or preservatives.


And trust us - once you've tried these tasty treats, you won't want to go back! Don't wait another moment - Naked's Turkish figs are what you need in your life!





Source: Re-foods


If you want to take your snacking game to the next level, try out these - Mixed Nuts with Seaweed from REFOODS!


This delicious and on-trend snack is sure to satisfy your cravings with its mouthwatering mix of roasted almonds and cashews paired perfectly with smoky, umami-rich seaweed.


Your tastebuds will thank you for treating them to something so deliciously flavourful! Don't miss out - order a pack today and let yourself experience this innovative snack sensation.






Source: The Edible Co.


If you're looking for a way to satisfy your cravings without overindulging, this granola is the perfect option. It's made with all-natural ingredients like almonds, pumpkin seeds, and dried coconut, and it has a unique sweetness thanks to the gula melaka.


Plus, it's incredibly versatile - try swirling some into almond milk and topping it with kiwi or simply just snack on it straight out of the bag! No matter how you enjoy it, this delicious granola is sure to leave you wanting more.





Source: NTUC FairPrice


BEPPS BBQ Black Eyed Pea Popped Snack is the snack you didn't know you were missing! A totally vegan snack, it's packed with delicious BBQ flavouring that will transport your taste buds to outdoor grilling heaven.


Not only does each 20g bag have a generously rich smoky-sweet BBQ sauce, but the black-eyed pea itself provides a satisfying crunch that's truly hard to beat.


Perfect for snacking on them on their own or adding some extra flavour and crunch to any dish, this Black Eyed Pea Popped Snack is definitely worth trying - you won't be disappointed!



CRUST x GPSS Be On Track


Source: Crust Group


Who said racing sustainably couldn't be exciting? Get your engines running with this Fruity & Flavourful beer for champions - brewed with upcycled bread and apple peels!


This vibrant apricot apple ale is the hottest ticket in town and offers rich fruitiness as well as irresistible juiciness. Hop to it and taste a special kind of sustainability!





Source: Nutra Ingredients


This non-dairy probiotic drink is completely revolutionizing the way we consume our essential daily nutrients - all thanks to the innovative project in 2018 at the National University of Singapore.


The researchers put together a unique fermentation process combining okara, enzymes, probiotics, and yeast to create a healthier alternative to traditional beverages.


Not only is it jam-packed with goodness, but okara utilizes a valuable waste byproduct of tofu and soy milk production! Talk about ticking all the boxes: health benefits and eco-friendly production practices.





Earth Day is an important reminder of how meaningful even small changes can be for the environment. Eating and drinking eco-friendly snacks and drinks positively impact environmental health, but let's remember not just for one day -these habits should be normalized every single day!


It is a perfect time to show our commitment to greener lifestyles. So if you're looking to get healthy this Earth Day, try out some of the delicious snacks and drinks we've suggested!


Their eco-friendly properties mean that not only are they healthier for the planet but also for your body and budget. These snacks and drinks support sustainable business practices and give us a chance to be part of something bigger—the global community effort to protect our environment.


With more people actively making eco-friendly choices every day, let's all band together and make each day an Earth Day. Let's lead with love, respect, awareness and action—for ourselves, our planet and the nation of Singapore!