Discover Healthy Snacks Ideal For Your Blood Type Diet

According to research, eating foods based on blood type can improve digestion, boost energy, help us fight off various diseases, and even support weight loss. This is possible due to the genetic factors that are found in our blood which impact on our health.

So don't be shocked when individuals of certain blood types puts on weight less easily compared to their other counterparts. We have compiled a list of recommended healthy foods and snacks based on your blood type so you can take advantage of it.


Blood Type A Diet

Tasty Snack Asia - Blood Type Diet - Blood Type A - Biona Organic Tutti Frutti


Studies have shown that individuals with blood type A are more likely to develop heart disease and diabetes. Consuming vegetables or even adopting a healthy vegan diet, along with relaxing and focused workouts like yoga and tai chi, is highly recommended. If you have blood type A and wish to lose weight, consider cutting out dairy products and replacing them with more protein-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. The finest forms of protein are those that come from plants, such as faba beans, black beans, and other soy products.

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Blood Type B Diet

Tasty Snack Asia - Blood Type Diet - Blood Type A - Greenday Mixed Fruit


Blood type B individuals are known to have stronger immune systems and healthy digestive systems than individuals with other blood types. Consuming a variety of nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products is highly recommended for you. However, you should stay away from poultry, whole grains, and seeds of plants and flowers like sunflower seed, hazelnuts, and walnuts.

With a good immune and digestive system, it's very important to support them with healthy snacks and food. For those of you who need a delicious and nutritious halal snack to tide you over during your hectic day, you can try Greenday's Mixed Fruit Chips. These chips include tropical fruits and vegetables like pineapple, jackfruit, taro, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables. We love how crunchy and delicious these chips are, made only from the best fruits and vegetables from Thailand.


Blood Type AB Diet

Tasty Snack Asia - Blood Type Diet - Blood Type A - Verlin Berry Cluster


Individuals with blood type AB rarely have allergies but are more vulnerable to anaemia and heart problems. Any food that is suggested for blood types A and B could be eaten, with healthy vegetarian food being highly recommended. While you boast about consuming foods that usually cause allergies for others, you should stay away from coffee, alcohol, and smoked beef as you are prone to problems with regards to stomach acid.

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Blood Type O Diet


For individuals with blood type O, they are commonly referred to as "hunters". Blood type O can absorb protein and fat more efficiently than other blood types, you can eat a variety of meats along with small amounts of vegetables, eggs, beans, and healthy grains.


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Indulge on our healthy snack box curated for all types of diet here. It takes more than just adopting a healthy diet to keep our bodies in the best condition, regular exercise is still necessary.