Fun Teacher's Day Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Teacher

We all have that one teacher that we look up to and give our casual "Hi!" whenever we see them outside of class. We completely understand how challenging it is to find the perfect Teacher's Day present in Singapore for your favourite teacher. Yes, Teacher's Day 2022 falls on the 2 September this year!

Here are some Teacher's Day gift ideas as inspiration to make it easier for you to gift your teachers, or in many instances your child teachers.


P.E. Teacher

Tasty Snack Asia - Teachers Day Gift Ideas - Physical Education Teacher - Healthy Snack Gift Box


If you are one of many students who look forward to PE (Physical Education) lessons and don't mind volunteering for warm-ups or demonstrations, you might the the apple of your PE teacher's eye. Include healthy snacks into your gift, perfect for your teacher's in between meal work outs and classes.

This healthy snack box features brands with amazing flavours. There are no nasties such as high fructose syrup, artificial flavouring or trans fats and is super affordable. All snacks and beverages included are organic or all-natural. Perfect for your PE teacher.


Geography Teacher

Teachers Day Gift Ideas - Geography Teacher - Southeast Asia Gift Box


Scoring A's in your geography tests, and wanna thank your geography teacher for inspiring you, we strongly encourage you to include snacks from all over the world for them! Browse Tasty Snack selection of snacks and you can find Australian, New Zealand and even many unique asian snacks. While your teacher educates you on the landscape of the world, you can share with them the flavours of the world.

Let your teacher travel to our neighbouring country without actually travelling with our Southeast Asia gift box of snacks from our favourite South-East Asian countries. Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines - we've got them covered. They can enjoy this snack box from the comfort of their desks or home and be transported to their favourite South East Asian countries no matter where they are!


History Teacher

Tasty Snack Asia - Teachers Day Gift Ideas - History Teacher - Singapore Nostalgia Snacks


Have a headache in the morning but you're powering through it because you're having a History lesson in the first period by your favourite history teacher? Then this one's for you! Include nostalgic snacks from Singapore or the region in your teacher's day gift. Your teacher will relate to it 100%.

Still got no clue on what to gift? Try our Singapore Nostalgia gift box filled with nostalgic snacks that will definitely take them down memory lane. Perfect for reliving childhood memories!


Food And Consumer Education Teacher

Tasty Snack Asia - Teachers Day Gift Ideas - Food And Consumer Education Teacher - Campfire Smores Gift Box


Enjoy sharing recipes, cooking techniques and learning about consumer studies with your Food and Consumer Education teacher? Then we know that this one will work for you. Curate a box of dry ingredients that your teacher can enjoy and turn the gift into a dish or dessert.

Take your food and consumer education lesson outdoors, because this Campfire Smores Gift Box will transport you out of the classroom. Packed to the brim with all the ingredients you need to roast marshmallows and make some hot, gooey smores over a mini portable fire, this gift box is a fun gift not just for your teachers, but for them to share with friends and families!


Form Teacher

04. August - Tasty Snack Asia - Teachers Day Gift Ideas - Form Teacher - Customised Gift Box


Do you admire the way your form teacher leads your class? He/She might be your favourite teacher. Select snacks and beverages that they like from Tasty Snack collections of halal snacks, trending beverages and many more, or better yet pack it in a box of their favourite colours.

We made gifting simpler for you with 4 easy steps. It's so simple, you can create them with Tasty Snack's Build A Gift Box. Pick a box and card, select your snacks or beverages and add shredded paper or any other add ons. It's that simple! Don't forget to insert your Teacher's Day Message.


Show your appreciation and say thank you to your teachers with your own curated products and selected cards. Let Tasty Snack do all the heavy lifting with handwriting your Teacher's Day wishes for you with our Build A Gift Box feature or even our curated gift box. Gifting has never been easier especially when you are create a 100% customizable snack box from Singapore.