Viral Snacks That You Must Stock Up For Christmas Dinner

Planning to host a Christmas party this December? Whether you're hosting guests or entertaining your kids, you'll definitely want to feature new snacks or a menu to switch out some of the usual Christmas food.

For some, hosting Christmas parties isn't just a one-time affair. From Christmas eve parties to boxing day get together there are so many celebrations to stock up for. Here are some trending viral Christmas Snacks that will bring the holiday cheer this gifting season.


Lay's Sweet & Salty Dipped Cluster


We've all had Lay's classic, sour cream or cheddar flavour chips. With Christmas around the corner, Lay’s Sweet & Salty Dipped Clusters are the perfect treat for the holiday season. A dipped potato snack with the perfect mix of salty and sweet in one. Small poppable goodness that is perfect for sharing or having out at your next holiday event or family gathering. Fa la la Lay’s.

If you're feeling like spicing things up this Christmas, you might want to add Lay's spicy Korean ramen potato chips into the list of exotic Asian snacks at your Christmas dinner. Get ready to taste the spiciest bag of chips we've ever gotten from Lay's Thailand.


Snickerdoodle Oreos


If you're one of those people who have finally found yourself easing into the annual year end holiday mood, you probably know that it's never too early for Christmas. Oreo announced that it was releasing a new flavour, Snickerdoodle Oreos, in advance of the Christmas season. This time, the limited-edition snickerdoodle will get fans ready for the winter holidays and start switching out their usual Christmas cookies.

While the snickerdoodle flavour might sound intriguing, we know that plenty of us love the good old traditional Christmas flavour. With Oreo Double Stuff Cinnamon Bun, you'll get double the cream with a cinnamon flavoured cookie sandwich with doubled cinnamon flavoured creme. The perfect snack for Santa to munch on while delivering Christmas presents.


Kellogg’s The Elf on the Shelf North Pole Snow Creme Cereal


Kellogg's and The Elf On The Shelf have come up with a cereal perfect for the sweater weather holiday season. The limited edition cereal is a mix of frosted star pieces and mini marshmallows offering a “creamy, sweet, vanilla ice cream” taste, while the cooling sensation is created by a “slow-release flavour ingredient.” It's as though you're walking in a winter wonderland.

So you've got Christmas morning settled. Now you're looking for some bites while watching holiday blockbusters with your family. Arnott's Tee Vee Snacks are the ideal crunchy treat to share with friends and family! The doughnut biscuits are glazed with smooth vanilla flavoured icing like the iconic Krispy Kreme.


Pepsi Smores


Once a treat typically confined to summer campfires, s'mores have become a tradition during Christmas. With the sweet taste of gooey marshmallows and rich layers of decadent chocolate, all placed in between crunchy graham crackers, it is a perfect snack for cosy bonding time with the family. The Pepsi S'mores Collection features three distinct flavours all packed into individual 7.5 oz Pepsi mini cans to encourage mixing and matching your way to the perfect combo, served in a cold glass.

Not really that adventurous? Crowd around because this Campfire snack box will bring your family closer together. Packed to the brim with all the ingredients you need to roast marshmallows and make some hot, gooey smores over a mini portable fire, this gift box is a fun gift not just for the family, but for even friends who are stuck indoors!



Now, you have your menu and experience set. It's time to hand out some party favours and Christmas gifts! Contact our snack concierge at for unique gifting ideas perfect to level up your Christmas party. From healthy snacks to halal snacks, you name it, we got it.