10 Healthy Snack Kits Ideas For Work And School



Do you ever feel like snacking can take over your life? If you're like me, you tend to feel that mid-morning or post-lunch slump and reach for those unhealthier snack options. Don't worry--we've all been there!


Luckily, it doesn't have to be a never-ending cycle of unhealthy snacks throughout the day. With some planning and these 10 delicious healthy snacks ideal for snack kits for work and school, we can easily upgrade our snacks while getting an extra nutritional boost in the office or classroom!




Fruit For Thought (Vegan) Box - Tasty Snack


In a world of fast food and sugary snacks, finding a healthy option can be a real challenge. That's why we are super excited to present this healthy snack box! These brands pack a flavorful punch without any of the nasties - no high fructose syrup, artificial flavouring, or trans fats here! Plus, it won't break the bank, making it the perfect treat for the solo snacker.


Featuring organic and all-natural snacks and beverages, this gift box has something for everyone. From the tropical goodness of the Amazin' Graze Superfood Trail Mix to the sweet crunch of Osuda Banana Chips, you won't find anything here that you'll feel guilty about. So go ahead and indulge - your body (and tastebuds) will thank you!




Healthy (Halal) Box - Tasty Snack


Looking for a tasty and healthy snack box that won't break the bank? Look no further than this awesome collection of organic and all-natural nibbles! Featuring brands like Cresc Bites, Undercover, Bruneus, and Osuda, this assortment has everything you need to satisfy your cravings without sacrificing your health.


Whether you're in the mood for some salty-sweet Salted Caramel Coconut Chips, some chocolaty Milk Chocolate with Sprinkles, some protein-packed Activated Cashew and Cacao Nibs, or some refreshing Dragonfruit Chips, this snack box has got you covered.


So why settle for boring, unhealthy snacks when you can indulge in these amazing flavours and feel great about it? Order your healthy snack box today and treat your taste buds!




Maroon Platter (Merry Berry Platter – Three Sections) - Garden Picks The Dried Fruit Company

If you're looking for the perfect party platter that's both healthy and delicious, look no further than the Maroon Platter by The Garden Picks Dried Fruit Company. This Merry Berry Platter comes with three sections of dried fruits, including Dried Blueberry, Dried Cranberry, and Golden Jumbo Raisins.


Combined, these three fruits are a match made in heaven; with the vibrant colours and juicy flavours, it is the perfect feast for your eyes and a treat for your taste buds. Plus, with 300 grams of dried fruits, this platter is perfect for carrying as a snack kit to work, school, or even for sharing with your friends and family.




Pistachio nougats - Nougat Mama SG


At Nougat Mama SG, they're taking our sweet tooth to new heights with their divine Pistachio nougats. Made with the finest ingredients, these bite-sized treats are full of flavour and texture. Each mouthwatering morsel features earthy pistachios, tangy cranberries, and the satisfying crunch of almonds.


It's a match made in nougat heaven. Whether as an indulgent snack, part of a snack kit for work or school, or a thoughtful gift, these Pistachio nougats from Nougat Mama SG are the perfect way to treat yourself or a loved one. Take a bite and let the flavours transport you to another world.




Seriously Keto sg - Mini Sausage Rolls


Looking for a delicious low-carb snack to include in your snack kit? Look no further than Seriously Keto SG's Mini Sausage Rolls! These bite-sized delights feature a juicy chicken sausage wrapped up in a buttery pastry roll that has been baked to golden perfection.


These mini sausage rolls are delicious and perfect for a snack kit to work, school, or even for entertaining - whether hosting a fancy dinner party or hanging out with friends. So why not try them out and impress your guests with the ultimate keto-friendly snack? Your taste buds will thank you!




Hey! - Broccoli Chips 


Move over potato chips; there's a new crunchy snack in town! Hey! Broccoli Chips are the ultimate guilt-free munchies that will satisfy your cravings completely without compromising on taste. These chips are made from the cutest little trees and have a distinct vegetal note that will remind you of your favourite Asian seaweed snacks.


But don't be fooled by their delicate flavour; hey! Broccoli Chips pack a crunchy punch that will leave you wanting more. And the best part? These chips are made with love and care - they're halal-certified, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. So go ahead and indulge in the crisp and honest broccoli flavour without any reservations. Your tastebuds (and body) will thank you!




Cuppa 100g - Renew


Looking for a snack that's full of flavour and nutrition? Look no further than the Cuppa 100g Pack from Renew. This delicious mix of cashews with low GI Gula Melaka and coffee, sunflower seeds and cinnamon will have your taste buds amazed with delight.


The sweet aroma of coffee perfectly complements the creamy and crunchy cashews, making this snack a perennial favourite amongst millennial snack lovers. Plus, with the added bonus of low GI Gula Melaka, you can indulge guilt-free, knowing that you are taking care of your body too. So why settle for boring and bland snacks when you can have the Cuppa 100g Pack from Renew?




Protein Snack Box - My Protein


Do you protein-packed snacks throughout the day especially after work outs? Let me introduce you to the Protein Snack Box by My Protein. This handy little box is perfect for on-the-go snacking and is filled with a variety of tasty treats, all jam-packed with the protein your body craves.


From high-protein granola bars to crunchy roasted broad beans, there's something in this snack box for everyone. Plus, with convenient single-serving packs, you can easily toss a snack in your school or work bag and head out the door without any hassle. Your taste buds and muscles as well will thank you for choosing My Protein's Protein Snack Box.



Signature Gift Box A - Scoop Wholefood Singapore

Looking for a way to express your appreciation in a uniquely millennial way? Look no further than Signature Gift Box A from Scoop Wholefoods Singapore! This trendy package includes a variety of delicious and healthy treats, including Granola Rose Pistachio Turmeric, Raw Walnuts, Dried Red Apple Slices, and Medjool Dates.


Not only are the snacks scrumptious and nutritious, but they also come beautifully packaged in a charming Kraft Jewelry Box that you can reuse again and again. Whether you're packing a snack kit for work or for carrying it to school, this Signature Gift Box A is the perfect choice for any millennial looking for a taste of luxury and eco-consciousness rolled into one.




Organic High Protein Drip Chicken Essence Gift Set - Eu Yan Sang


Are you after a quick and easy way to stay healthy? Look no further than Eu Yan Sang's Organic High-Protein Drip Chicken Essence! Made with only the finest certified organic chicken, this delicious soup is completely free of chemicals and additives.


The secret to its amazing taste is all in its preparation - freshly prepared and stewed at high pressure and heat for eight hours to create a fragrant and nutritious broth. With the highest protein level and 18 easily absorbed amino acids, this chicken essence is healthy and incredibly tasty. So why wait? Try Eu Yan Sang's Organic High-Protein Drip Chicken Essence today and take the first step towards a healthier you!





It's high time we get creative and rethink the way we snack. Instead of impulsively grabbing for something unhealthy, try getting these snack kits! We have provided 10 amazing snacks to give you an idea of the types of snacks that can be included in a snack kit.


A great tip is to pre-portion them into individual containers so you don't get tempted to overindulge in one snack throughout the day. Not only will it help with portion control, but it also makes it easier for on-the-go snacking too.


So with all this being said, remember that having delicious healthy snacks just a hand's reach away doesn't have to be boring or overly complicated - just get creative and start experimenting with some of these snacks today! After all, snacking should be enjoyable - not stressful or complicated!