2024 Hari Raya Gift Ideas




The spirit of giving and sharing characterizes Hari Raya, a time of joy and celebration. Tasty Snack Asia's Customised Eid Gift sets are a kind and meaningful way to show someone you appreciate them and build your relationships throughout this festive season. These Ramadan Gifts express the traditional significance of Hari Raya for people as well as generosity and thanks, strengthening bonds and distributing joy. Accepting the custom of trading snack gift packs gives the celebrations a unique flair and strengthens the sense of camaraderie and community that characterizes Hari Raya.



Raya Gift Set


Tasty Snack - 2024 Hari Raya Gift Ideas - Raya Gift Set



Celebrate Hari Raya with our elegant yet affordable "Raya Gift Set." This limited-edition Halal Hamper captures festive vibes and offers a budget-friendly way to send heartfelt wishes. Inside, enjoy artisanal delights showcasing Hari Raya's culinary legacy, from Oatbedient's Chocolate Oat Milk to Yumi's Cheese Corn Sticks.


The set invites unity and joy, enclosed in reusable packaging reflecting the festival's motifs. More than a gift, it symbolizes compassion and Hari Raya's essence, sharing the season's benefits. Affordable yet high-quality, this gesture connects receivers to tradition, making them feel valued during this special time.



Raya Celebration Gift Box


Tasty Snack - 2024 Hari Raya Gift Ideas - Raya Celebration Gift Box


The "Raya Celebration Gift Box" embodies Hari Raya's festive reunions and the tradition of breaking fast together. This meticulously assembled box offers a mix of buttery, savory cookies evoking homey flavors. Alongside are luscious dates, renowned for their sweetness and nutritional value, symbolizing hospitality and breaking fast rituals. A chosen refreshing drink complements the trio, quenching thirst and renewing spirits after a day of fasting.


Beyond a mere assortment of treats, this Hari Raya gift box signifies love, connection, and shared festivities, reflecting Hari Raya's essence of community, generosity, and thankfulness. Ideal for sharing and gifting, it enhances the festive spirit and memorable moments of breaking fast together.



Healthy Halal Box


Tasty Snack - 2024 Hari Raya Gift Ideas - Healthy Halal Box



Discover our "Healthy Halal Gift Box," which offers a variety of delicious delights that uplift the spirit and body. It is designed to combine happiness with health. Savour the distinct flavour experience of truffle sea salt green bean chips, a guilt-free gourmet treat. Try this with a cool honey drink for a flavorful and energising thirst quench.


More than just a selection, this halal-compliant box represents respect for one's diet and inclusivity, making it a considerate option for everyone. Combining taste and health, it elevates giving as a genuine show of concern and care.



Iftar Gift Box


Tasty Snack - 2024 Hari Raya Gift Ideas - Iftar Gift Box


Enjoy your Hari Raya celebrations with our own "Iftar Gift Box," a delectable assortment of halal-certified delicacies created to heighten the festive spirit. Savour tasty dishes such as the "Springlee - Spicy Grilled Prawn Spring Roll," which go well with the "Yum - Original Flavoured Tempe Chips" and the "Yum - Emping Chips."


This assortment is a thoughtful way to thank and celebrate with your hosts during Iftar. Encased in a box with a Hari Raya motif, it distinguishes itself as a high-end option that personifies the spirit of giving and blessings shared. The "Iftar Gift Box" embodies the essence of Hari Raya, representing harmony, thankfulness, and the joyous mood of the event. 



Raya Blessing Gift Set


Tasty Snack - 2024 Hari Raya Gift Ideas - Raya Blessing Gift Set



Enjoy the lovingly chosen "Raya Blessings Gift Set" this Hari Raya Lebaran, which will enhance your celebratory moments. Take a gastronomic trip through a plethora of mouthwatering flavours, such as the crunchy Wheel Crackers and Butterfly Ear Biscuits, the sweet Nutify Dates, the zesty Chilli Tapioca Chips, and the cool Jeju Mandarin Konjac Jelly drink.


This gorgeous gift box is a great option for people who value the art of giving; it provides a sumptuous and unforgettable experience that embodies unique flavours and shared delight, making it the ideal present for festivities of Hari Raya Lebaran.





During Hari Raya, exchanging personalised Hari Raya gifts represents gratitude, harmony, and cultural significance. This kind deed not only represents the giving spirit but also improves relationships between people and creates a sense of community. People emphasise the significance of Hari Raya as a time for celebration, thankfulness, and group bonding by embracing the custom of giving snacks as gifts. These personalised snack kits are more than just gifts; they are symbols of happiness and kindness that enhance the celebratory atmosphere of Hari Raya, encapsulating the spirit of cooperation and giving that is at its core.