4 Fun Hangout Ideas To Try During Your Girls' Day Out

One of the best ways to fill your free time and improve mental health is to hang out with friends. There are many fun things to do, both indoors and outdoor, which will make your hangout with the girls more exciting.

If you're looking high and low for fun hangout ideas to do this weekend, we've got you covered. Let's get started!




Are you a resident performer in your bathroom? While singing in public can be intimidating, what's the fun in it if you only enjoy your "beautiful" voice alone in the shower? Invite your friends to karaoke session together at the comfort of your home or at a KTV! Karaoke is fun and has many benefits, such as relieving stress.

Karaoke can be enjoyed anywhere, whether at home or at a karaoke bar. It doesn't matter where you sing, as long as you're with your close friends, you'll always have fun. Don't forget to have a drink in hand so you can enjoy singing without worrying about damaging your "beautiful" vocals. Hydrate yourself with Dash's Cucumber Infused Sparkling Water to quench your thirst. This sparkling water adds a delicate flavor touch from fresh fruit and veggies, without any sugar, sweetener, or calories. Ideal for you who want to drink some bubbles without the calories!


Movie Time


Blockbuster season is coming up, but where's the fun in watching a movie all by yourself? Huddle up with your girlfriends as you watch your favorite movie or the latest blockbuster stream at the comfort of your home. A movie marathon is a perfect way to relax and with friends, it makes it more fun, especially when you're watching action or horror movies. You can scream in fear together while watching a horror movie or cry while watching a friendship movie that relates very well to your friendship.

No matter what kind of movie you're watching, popcorn is the perfect snack to indulge with your movie marathon. Always have Movietime Sweet And Salty Popcorn by your side as this popcorn perfectly pops high-quality corn kernels. This bag of popcorn is full of unstoppable fun, and great for sharing with friends!




There's nothing like a day of retail therapy. Setting a date with your close friends for a good old shopping spree is never a bad idea. While splurging on your own might be great, showering your friends with gifts can be more meaningful. You can seek opinion and find out what they like, especially with the holiday season around the corner.

Feeling the need to splurge on your friends but too comfortable in your own home? Plan a high tea at home and prepare gift and snack boxes for your friends to take home with them. Build a gift box with us and add all your besties' favourite snacks and drink into their snack boxes. You can even curate each snack box to fit their faves and personality.




If you love sports, going to a yoga class with your friends will be fun! You can both lead a healthier lifestyle and strengthen your friendship during yoga class. Besides health benefits, Yoga has many flows and poses that will help you get to know your friends even better. It is one of the best way to hang out with your girlfriends!

Don't forget to replenish pre or post workout together! Marou Bar's Dark Chocolate Energy Iron Bar is your new Pocket Fuel. A tasty blend of fruits, nuts, seeds & cereals generously coated in our signature Vietnamese 65% dark chocolate. Now you've got the energy needed for another round of Yoga.



Always remember to bring snacks for everyone to enjoy while hanging out with your friends. With a wide variety of unique and delicious snacks available at Tasty Snack, you'll have a memorable time hanging out!