5 Best Authentic Indonesian Snacks in Singapore

Feel the travel bug catching on as you watch your friends' Tiktok travel videos and Instagram stories in Bali? We know the FOMO is real. While you start planning your next Indo vacation, you might want to satisfy your cravings for some authentic Indonesian Snacks.

After watching influencers and friends enjoying their vacations with Indonesian food, you must be craving for some. Don't fret, Tasty Snack has compiled 10 best authentic Indonesian snacks that you can find in Singapore.



Tasty Snack Asia - Best Authentic Indonesian Snacks In Singapore - Krakakoa - Arenga 60% Dark Chocolate


One of the most valuable agricultural export products in Indonesia is the cocoa tree. Being the third largest producer of cocoa beans in the world, it is no doubt that Chocolate is among the top favourite snacks in Indonesia. From the all-time favourite Beng - Beng chocolates which offers many variations and flavours available such as white chocolate, hazelnut to artisanal chocolates like Krakakoa's Arenga 60% Dark Chocolate.



Tasty Snack Asia - Best Authentic Indonesian Snacks In Singapore - East Bali Cashews - Sweet & Spicy Cashew Nut


Peanuts have many health benefits, one of them is stress-relief. It makes sense that Indonesians choose peanuts over other types of snacks, because it is easy to bring for travelling and usually has a long shelf life. Some varieties of peanut snacks include egg nuts and kacang atom, which comes in many flavours, such as onion and spicy. Stocking up East Bali's Sweet & Spicy Cashew Nuts at home is essential if you need a snack to munch while watching a football game like many Indonesians.


Tempe/ Tempeh Chips

Tasty Snack Asia - Best Authentic Indonesian Snacks In Singapore - Yum - Tempe Chips


Tempe or Tempeh chips are well-known snacks that are widely available across Indonesia. Made from soy beans mixed with tapioca starch, then fried or oven baked giving it a crunchy texture with a savoury taste that makes anyone can't stop eating it. This authentic Indonesian healthy snack has several health advantages. Don't worry if you're in Singapore and looking for some tempeh chips, you can easily find Yum - Tempe Chips at Tasty Snack to get your cravings fixed


Shrimp/ Prawn Crackers

Tasty Snack Asia - Best Authentic Indonesian Snacks In Singapore - Yum - Shrimp Crackers


Did you know for some Indonesian, a meal is incomplete without crackers? Completing the dish with Shrimp or Prawn crackers is a common sight in Indonesia cafes and even households. Made from shrimp or prawn paste combined with tapioca flour, which gives you a crispy texture and umami flavour. Yum - Shrimp crackers is a delicious snack whether you prefer it on its own or combine it with your soto ayam, nasi goreng or indomie.


Emping Chips

Tasty Snack Asia - Best Authentic Indonesian Snacks In Singapore - Yum - Emping Chips


Eating soto without emping chips might offend some Indonesians. The mouthwatering and unique flavour of emping can stimulate your appetite. Yum’s Emping Chips are made in Indonesia with a natural bitter taste from belinjau and unique sweet flavours. Directly imported from Indonesia with no added preservatives, it has a shelf life of 3 weeks or less when it arrives in Singapore.


You can now switch out your Calbee Prawn Crackers to a snack that is directly imported from Indonesia when you're suffering from FOMO and feeling peckish. Tasty Snack offers a wide range of authentic Indonesian Snacks and unique Asian snacks from healthy to halal snacks. Order your snacks and get it delivered in a snack box today!