5 Indonesian Foods That You Never Knew Were Vegan

Indonesia is known as one of the nations with its natural wealth and is a haven for tourists interested in culinary. From Sabang to Merauke, different culinary specialties are produced in each region of Indonesia. Surprisingly, many of these unique foods are vegan-friendly. Even authentic vegan foods from Indonesia have gained popularity worldwide. Can you identify some of the food listed?



Tempe, a traditional Indonesian food made from soybeans, is a popular meat substitute among vegans because of its high protein content and low fat content, is not an unfamiliar food to vegans. Commonly spotted in Indonesian cuisine, it is no surpise that tempe have become a convenient snack. Tempe chips are souvenirs in some Indonesian provinces, such as East Java. These tempeh chips come in a variety of flavors and sophisticated packaging, a must-buy before heading home from a vacation in Indonesia.


YUM! Tempe Chips is a delicious healthy snack created using the highest-quality local soybeans that have been processed with traditional techniques and seasonings. Produces flavorful and crispy tempeh chips that will have you craving more. These tempe chips are perfect for your movie partner, and you can eat as much of them as you want without feeling guilty.



Emping is one of the most popular vegan snacks in Indonesia. The word emping comes from the Javanese words for 'bits' and 'seed'. This delicious snack is made from grounded melinjo or belinjo seeds and are a perfect pairing to your nasi goreng, lontong sayur and other Indonesian cuisine!


Eating lontong sayur without emping chips isn't quite as mouthwatering. The delicious and unique flavour of emping can stimulate your appetite. Yum’s Emping Chips is a halal snack made in Indonesia with a natural bitter taste from belinjau and unique sweet flavour.



Getuk is a common dish from Central and East Java made from cassava. The Javanese frequently eat getuk as a snack while enjoying sweet tea. There are two varieties of getuk: the first is getuk telo, which is made from ripe cassava and sprinkled with tiny pieces of brown sugar while it's still hot, turning the cassava's color brown. Second, getuk lindri is made from cooked cassava that has been finely mashed with sugar, food coloring, and vanilla. It is then shaped into long noodles and pressed. If you are traveling to Indonesia, you'll find getuk lindri in bright shades of red and green.


Tahu Gejrot

For those of you who have visited Bandung when traveling to Indonesia, you must be familiar with this food. Tofu gejrot is a typical Indonesian food made from brown tofu or known as tofu pong which is fried and then cut into small pieces. What makes Tofu Gejrot special is the sauce made from a combination of brown sugar, shallots and chilies. If you prefer a spicy flavor, you can request to increase the spicy level to your liking.



Burjo is a traditional porridge created from a combination of green beans, coconut milk, and palm sugar or granulated sugar. Originated from Madura, it is a perfect fiber-rich sweet comfort food during cold or rainy weather.



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