How To Customize Gift Box For The Festive Season

The holiday season has begun, and the shopping to be the best gift giver follow suit. Finding the perfect present for friends, family, bosses, or coworkers is no easy job, whether it's Christmas, Chinese New Year's or Eid. Food hampers are one of the gifting ideas that are always a favorite because everyone, young and old, loves food.

Food hampers can be presented as gifts at special occasions as well, but how are they made? What needs to be prepared? Not to worry! We have put together special tips on how to easily improve the appeal of your Christmas gift boxes.


Step 1: Choose A Theme

The purpose of the gift box will determine the theme entirely. Our ability to plan the gift box's colors, decorations, and contents will be made easier by having a clear idea of the theme. The theme can be focused on a certain event or festive season; for example, Christmas gifts and Chinese New Year hampers may both be identical in color (Red). Making gift boxes for the festivities is the most popular and simple theme to start with.


Step 2: Select Some Snacks 

To choose the food to be included in the gift box, one must consider the recipient's interests. Do they love healthy snacks, halal snacks or unique asian snacks? If you're planning to present food hampers to someone you don't really know, you can mix a variety of snacks with various flavors.


Step 3: Deciding a Package and Decorations

Next, choose a package for the gift box. The type of food and the contents of the gift box will determine whether wooden boxes, rattan baskets, or hard boxes to be used. Using a 100% recycled kraft gift box is ideal if we want to pack it with snacks. Elevate the look of the gift box with decorations. The food hampers will look better if you add ribbons, shredded paper, or even greeting cards.


Step 4: Let's Go Shopping!

It's time to start shopping after choosing the theme, planning on the snacks and gift box as well as decorations! Because we have a list of purhcase items, shopping is much easier and faster. Make sure the food and the decorations you purchase, both in type and color, match the theme.


Step 5: It's Time to Create the Gift Box

Gather the snacks and crafts you've bought. Arrange the snacks in the gift box and maximize the items visual appeal by placing it strategically. Don't forget to customize the gift box with accessories or decorations. The gift is now ready to be presented to your recipient.



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