5 Memorable Thank You Gifts To Show Your Gratitude

The simple phrase "thank you" may fall short of properly expressing our gratitude when others significantly contribute to our lives, such as colleagues, teachers, neighbors, or friends. One of the best way to show someone you appreciate them other than penning down a heartfelt thank you note is by giving them a gift since it expresses our unspeakable gratitude.


In a dilemma on whether to select a gift that expresses our gratitude openly or to select one that the recipient actually needs or wants. Find some of the most memorable thank you gift ideas that the recipient will never forget here. Let's get started!


Food Hampers

The easiest way to express gratitude to those who make a difference in our lives is through their tummy. Food may express our gratitude and serve as a symbol of comfort and love. Food presents can be kept in storage and enjoyed with family members while saving them time from shopping.


Because everyone enjoys food, food hampers are also the perfect option if you don't know the receiver well. Browse our selection of gift boxes packed with snacks for all types of diets, healthy snacks, halal snacks and even unique asian snacks to make it easier for you to find a thank-you gift here at Tasty Snack. With a variety of themes and snack variants—from salty to sweet to spicy—we have prepared various snack box versions. You are free to make your preference!


Personalised Gift Box

When it comes to appreciation gifts, we all want to express our gratitude through thoughtful gifts that say "thanks!" or "thinking of you!" Show your co-workers that you care and know them on a more personal level by curating a gift box filled with their favourite snacks, drinks and even a laptop stand that they so need.


A personal gift should be relatable to the recipients. Customize the snack box for your colleagues with Tasty Snack! You can add stickers, thank you notes, unique snacks and a presentable gift box. It will give a personal touch to your box so it would be more you!



One of the most memorable thank you gifts of all time and a fail-proof gift is flowers. The main reason why many people give flowers as gifts is because they build an emotional connection between the sender and recipient. In fact, each type of flower has a different meaning, for example, pink roses symbolize gratitude, admiration and joy. Their beautiful appearance and fragrant aroma make anyone who receives them happy!


Customised Mugs

One of the best gift ideas to use is mugs. This tiny item is incredibly versatile and we all know someone who has a favorite mug, will use it until the mug wears out. Have a unique picture of your friend or memorable quotes that your friend said before? You can print it into a mug and send it as a personal gift. This might sound silly, but your friends will like it and will use it in the morning.


Self Care Gift Set

Since the start of the pandemic, taking care of our health and wellness have been #1 in the priority list. Self-care packages will help them improve their immunity. Make someone's day with this snack box that will brighten up their day for sure. Comes with a pack of feel good stickers to turn those frowns upside down.


People are more conscious of their health and wellness. Self-care packages from Tasty Snack will aims to improve their health with healthy snacks and vitamins. Make someone's day with this cheer up gift box that will brighten up their day for sure. Comes with a pack of feel good stickers.



Gifting is one of the many ways to express gratitude. By choosing a snack box in line with the recipient's personality, you can now give a special gift to show your appreciation. Do they like spicy food or Korean food? Or are you confused about which gift box to choose? Don't worry! Our snack concierge is always ready to assist you.