Best Chinese Restaurants To Book For Chinese New Year

It's the Chinese New Year, and you're looking for that amazing Chinese restaurant treat to get the festivities off to a good start - but where do you go? Instead of worrying about what's open during CNY 2023, why not head straight to some of the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore?

We've rounded up a list of restaurants guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds while still respecting all necessary precautions. Whether it's seafood hot pots bursting with savoury flavour, or something entirely outside-the-box like lobster noodles – these places have got it! Read on for our round-up of the top spots that you should book during this special time.



New Ubin Seafood

Tasty Snack - Best Chinese Restaurants - New Ubin Seafood CHIJMES

Image: New Ubin Seafood CHIJMES Foodpanda

New Ubin Seafood is the perfect spot for tantalizing your taste buds with traditional Singaporean-style seafood. With fresh catches of the day featuring delightful treasures from the sea, such as slipper lobster, black pepper crab, and egg white yam rings, there's an array of dishes to choose from.

Looking for something a little different? Their Angus steak is the way to go. It's tender and juicy, sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Those looking for comfort food will feel right at home with their selection of zi char classics, such as butter-fried prawns in Nonya sauce or beef short ribs cooked in black sauce. Whatever you decide on, one thing's for sure: New Ubin Seafood promises promising flavorsome feasts!


Soup Restaurant

Tasty Snack - Best Chinese Restaurants - Soup Restaurant

Image: Soup Restaurant Website

Soup Restaurant is ready to usher in the Spring Festival with six delightful new dishes that have been masterfully crafted from age-old recipes and passed down from generations. The traditional flavours of the cuisine will tantalize your taste buds, sending your senses on an amazing journey as you savour plate after plate of these delectable creations. 

From succulent meats to fragrant veggies, each bite will transport you to a place of heritage, culture, and gastronomical delight. Make a grand beginning to the festivities with their Baby Abalone & Salmon Yu Sheng with Citrus Sauce - refreshing, wholesome ingredients that promise a healthy and prosperous year ahead.

Reward yourself and your guests with a special delicacy of Abalone Collagen Treasure Pot with Cordyceps Flower - 10 layers of premium ingredients like 10-head abalones, sea cucumber, fish maw and fish curd that will tantalize your tastebuds.

The nourishing Double Boiled Golden Chanterelle Mushroom with Dried Scallop in Chicken Soup is sure to warm your soul, while the classic Double Happiness Sweet Potato Steamed Rice with Chinese Sausage and Broccolini with Black Fungus in Ginger Sauce reignite fond family memories.

Finish off this delicious festive feast by treating yourselves to delightful Osmanthus Citrus Jelly dessert and adorable Handmade Bounty Twin Bunnies with Mini Longevity Buns for good luck and fortitude. Make sure everyone at your table knows about these remarkable holiday treats at Soup Restaurant! 


Min Jiang

Tasty Snack - Best Chinese Restaurants - Min Jiang Opentable

Image: Min Jiang Opentable

Min Jiang is one of the foremost destinations for Chinese cuisine in Singapore. Established well over a decade ago, this restaurant offers its customers an elegant dining experience with a wealth of delicious and varied dishes to choose from.

The preparation and presentation of the food live up to the restaurant's reputation as purveyors of gourmet cuisine. All this is complemented by Min Jiang's attentive and friendly staff, who provide exemplary service and warm hospitality to make every occasion an enjoyable one. 

With all these features combined, Min Jiang ensures that celebrating Chinese New Year at this restaurant will be something truly special!


Paradise Dynasty

Tasty Snack - Best Chinese Restaurants - Paradise Dynasty

 Image: Paradise Dynasty Website

If you don't know what to serve your friends and family for Chinese New Year, look no further than the extensive range of menus offered by Paradise Dynasty. This restaurant is dedicated to serving up a variety of delectable Northern and Southern Chinese cuisine.

But what's really made them famous is their legendary xiao long bao selection. With 8 different flavours to choose from, this dim sum delight is sure to tantalize the taste buds. From traditional southern Chinese dishes to Cantonese dinner sets and leisurely dim sum brunch buffets with over 100 items on display - it has all the ingredients for a perfect Chinese New Year celebration!

From the classic Original recipe to creatively crafted flavours like the Black Truffle and Cheese, there's something for everyone at Paradise Dynasty! If you're a fan of trying something different yet delicious, then give their selection a try! Paradise Dynasty should be your first choice if you want to try something new and unique.


Dian Xiao Er

Tasty Snack - Best Chinese Restaurants - Dian Xiao Er

 Image: Dian Xiao Er Website

If you're looking for a restaurant to bring your family and friends to celebrate the reunion dinner for Chinese New Year, then Dian Xiao Er is about as traditional as it gets!

The well-known franchise puts in the extra effort to capture the feeling of having a meal in a Chinese inn from times past, with its signature beige walls and intricate wooden frames reflecting the traditional motifs.

The menu is extensive and immerses diners in an array of local cultural delights – from sumptuous pig trotters to invigorating drunken chicken – that present time-honoured traditional tastes. Each menu has been carefully crafted to create flavours that are both modern and delicious at the same time, from the Infinite Fortune Prawn topped with cornflakes and Prosperity Sweet and Sour Ribs, to name just a few of the must-haves from these menus, which surely will tantalize everyone's palates.

It's guaranteed to be an experience that's truly unique and unforgettable for all. There's something for everyone at Dian Xiao Er; simply let their dedicated staff help you plan the perfect Chinese new years dinner!


Jumbo Seafood

Tasty Snack - Best Chinese Restaurants - Jumbo Seafood

 Image: Jumbo Seafood Oddle

Jumbo Seafood is a tribute to Singapore's iconic seafood dishes and unrivalled culinary style. Situated in the River Valley district of Singapore, this charming seafood house impresses with its signature dishes that are unique to the region.

The undoubted stars of the show here are their award-winning Chilli Crabs and Signature Black Pepper Crabs, which have both earned considerable praise for their exquisite taste and textures.

Jumbo Seafood provides an amazing experience for seafood lovers, combining an authentic local dining atmosphere with delicious local seafood mixes cooked to perfection. With Jumbo Seafood, you can rest assured that your appetite will always be satisfied with their selection of hearty seafood dishes served with a local twist!


Yellow Pot

Tasty Snack - Best Chinese Restaurants - Yellow Pot

 Image: Yellow Pot Website

Singapore is home to some of the best Chinese food in the world, and one of the most amazing restaurants is Yellow Pot. This Chinese restaurant recognizes the importance of sustainability and emphasizes local, fresh ingredients to maximize flavour intensity.

All the ingredients used are sustainably sourced, ensuring that every dish has a natural flavour and intense taste. Highlights from their kitchen include the truffle Chilean sea bass and X.O. Sauce lobster fried rice—both featured in their six-course Prosperity menu.

But that's not all: there's also seaweed tempura wagyu beef to tantalize your tastebuds. Even these extravagant dishes are made from responsibly sourced ingredients – all combined with skilled cooking to bring out the fullest flavours of each individual ingredient.

With this focus on sustainable sourcing, those looking for an ethical dining experience will feel right at home here. With all these delicious dishes, it's no surprise that Yellow Pot is one of Singapore's leading Chinese restaurants!


Beauty In The Pot

Tasty Snack - Best Chinese Restaurants - Beauty in a Pot

 Image: Beauty in a Pot Burrple Review

Beauty In The Pot is one of Singapore's most popular restaurants for hotpot lovers. Not only have they earned a reputation for their famous collagen soup, which promises better health and complexion, but they also offer an enticing Specialty Meat Platter that meat lovers won't be able to pass up.

From marbled U.S. wagyu ribeye to pork belly, there's something to please everyone in this epic selection of quality meats and steaks that Beauty In The Pot has become well known for. A visit to this restaurant is sure to satisfy both the taste buds and the senses for those seeking an enjoyable and delicious meal.




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