12 Best Halal Friendly Snacks Recommendations For Your Muslim Friends

Inviting your Muslim friends over for a party of 10 or just a casual hangout this weekend? You probably think about the best halal snacks you will enjoy together with them. Tasty Snack has amazing recommendations for halal friendly snacks for any occasion from sweets and salty ones!


Greenday Crispy Strawberry

 Green Day Crispy Strawberry 12g

Freeze-dried strawberries packed in one easy-to-eat size. You can mix Greenday Crispy Strawberry with cereal and yogurt or eat it alone as a yummy snack. Using a unique process to retain almost all of the nutrition, it’s an ideal snacking occasion for the entire family. 


Monori Larb Flavor Crisps Squid

Monori Larb Flavor Crisps Squid is a baked snack seasoned with traditional spicy recipes and extra real squid.  Although it's directly imported from Thailand, Monori Larb Flavor Crisps Squid is certified halal. It's baked, not fried. So you don't need to worry about ruining your diet plan!


Lotus Biscoff Cookies With Cream

It's the legendary cookie Lotus Biscoff! These cookies have become pretty popular on the internet. Lotus Biscoff is filled with unique caramel cream between crunchy biscuits. It's a perfect companion to your morning coffee or afternoon tea.


Loacker Tortina

Classic crispy chocolate wafer filled with dark choco from Ecuador with a hint of honey makes Loacker Tortina the right option for the chocoholic. You will feel something crunch inside at the first bite and change into delicious melted choco.


Simply 7 Quinoa Barbeque Flavor

Quinoa barbeque chips are the right option for those who want to eat healthier. This chip is the perfect balance of yummy and healthy snacks. Also, it's perfect for your vegan friends so that you can enjoy it with them.


Calbee Snow Cheese Flavored Potato Chips

Japan has never failed to amuse us with unique treats! Calbee Snow Cheese Flavored Potato Chips bring you a bag of chips coated with "cheesy snow" all over. For you who are always craving a savory taste, this is a must try.


Cresc Bites Sweet Pandan Coconut

Do you want to eat something more than just chips? Then Cresc coconut chips would be perfect for your taste. Cresc Bites provides two variants, the original one and the pandan flavor. Choose the flavor of your personal preference. What’s better?  It contains high fiber!


Amazin Graze Coconut Kaya Granola Bites

Granola is the perfect choice for iftar just as a treat. Amazin Graze's granola mixed oats, dried fruit, and nuts with kaya sauce with coconut and a hint of pandan aroma. It's packed in easy-to-go packages so you can bring it anywhere.


Funday Fruity Vegan Gummy

A fun packaged gummy that  is a fun and healthy treat. There is no sugar added, so Funday Fruity Vegan Gummy is safe for your little ones or perfect when you are on your diet programs. It’s perfect treat for everyone.


Seattle Gummy Company’s Mocca Shots

Chew on this gummy to become more productive with an energy boost that you never find anywhere. Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) launched sugar-free Mocca Shots with 100 mg caffeine as the same as one regular cup of coffee. There are two types of flavours, dark chocolate raspberry and dark chocolate orange.  Did we mention that is candy is low in calories too?


Noi Almond Seaweed Crisps

Can you imagine the mix of seaweed with sliced almonds? Noi Almond Seaweed Crisps will provide you with a unique umami taste and nutty texture from the almonds. It's baked to a perfect crisp and you an enjoy it with entire family.


Quest Choco Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

Soft texture and high protein choc chip cookies served in one bite-size that is easy to bring anywhere. Quest Choco Peanut Butter Cookies can be consumed after a heavy workout or during “cheat days” because it's low fat and high protein!

There are a lot more yummy halal-friendly snacks at Tasty Snack! Explore our best halal snacks collection now!