10 Perfect Thank You Gift For Colleagues Or Workmates

Intending to go on a vacation, maternity leave, sabbatical or working on a difficult project with tight deadlines? Send your co-worker a gift for helping you during hectic and critical times at the office. Finding the perfect thank you gifts for colleagues can increase teamwork and isn’t always about giving expensive gifts. 45 percent of employees believe giving a gift to their workmates reflects a company's values.


The Benefit of Giving Thank You Gift For Your Colleagues

Besides  teamwork, these thank you gifts for colleagues have other benefits for the company too. There are several benefits of giving your colleagues a gift, such as:

  1. Dissolves any internal conflicts that might have happened before
  2. Strengthen relationships and boosts trust between employee
  3. Improve company cultures and help boost productivity in workplace


When You Can Send A Gift For Your Colleagues?

A woman giving red gift box to a colleague

There is no right time to give a gift to your colleagues. But if you need a reason to fit, here are some suggestions:

  1. New employee. As a new member of the company, the onboarding program may be overwhelming and foreign. Sending a gift to your new workmate might help them to feel welcome and motivate them to adapt better.
  2. Work anniversary. How long has your colleague worked together with you? You can send them a gift to celebrate their work anniversary and express how thankful you are.
  3. Employee birthday. Birthday moments are an essential part of people's lives. Send a thank you gift is a sincere gesture to enliven their special moment.
  4. Job promotion. Employees who had a job promotion might feel happy about their achievements. You can congratulate them by sending a gift that they can use every day.
  5. Holidays or certain celebrations. Employees usually take a break during holidays, such as at Hari Raya, Chinese New Year or Christmas. A personalized box of gifts will make their holiday merrier and happier.
  6. Remote teams. People who work from home  need more motivation. A simple gift can motivate them to be more excellent in the group.


Thank You Gifts For Colleagues Recommendation

Gifting is more than just picking the most expensive item on the shelves. As long as you give with sincerity, they will really like it. Here  : 

Desk Organizer

Neat and clean working table made out of wood

We all have that super meticulous and undiagnosed OCD colleague in the office. Help your mate organize their stuff at the table with a desk organizer to easily and quickly find things like pens, essential documents, eyeglasses, etc. You can choose the color based on the personality of your colleagues.


Gifting red coupon to colleagues

Sometimes your colleagues love to choose their own gifts based on what they want. e-Coupon from Tasty Snack would be a great option to give because you can easily set the budget of the voucher, and send it to your workmate, then they will choose it by their preferences. Tasty Snack provides varieties of snacks so your colleagues can choose from halal to vegan snacks.

Personalized Souvenir

Mug souvenirs displayed on shelf

Have a unique picture of your friend or memorable quotes that your friend said before? You can print it into a mug and send it as a personal gift. This might sound silly, but your friends will like it and will use it in the morning. 


Steel Cookware

Cookware is an ultimate excellent gift for your friends who love to cook. They can use it to prepare their best meals at home. You can ask for more details about their hobbies to ensure what kind of cookware they haven't had yet.

Snack Box

Snack box gift

A personal gift should be relatable to the recipients. Customize the snack box for your colleagues with Tasty Snack! You can add stickers, notes, ribbon and a unique box. It will give a personal touch to your box so it would be more you! Learn more by clicking the link here!


Packing laptop inside backpack

Your colleagues who live far from the office must pack their stuff in one bag that is easy to mobilize. Giving a backpack would be lovely for them. Better choose a backpack with waterproof material and adjust the size with how much stuff your work bestie usually brings or their habits.

Bento Box

Bento Box

Some people bring their own meals to the office for specific reasons such as diet programs. A bento box will help them prepare the meals every day so their lunch wouldn't feel boring. Bento boxes from Tasty Snack will not only fill their tummy, they’ll know to improve productivity too.

Laptop Sleeve

Laptop sleeve on wooden table

A cute laptop sleeve is another thank you gift that you can give to your colleagues, especially when they are an active or artsy person. Choose an attractive design that suits their personality and water repellent so they will be confident to bring their laptop anywhere.

High-Quality Coffee Tumbler

Coffee comes to rescue you during hectic moments near deadlines. If your colleagues love to sip a coffee to boost their energy, you can consider giving them a high-quality tumbler to keep the coffee stay warm in good condition. 

Drinking from tumbler while sitting

Self Care Packages

Self care package

Since the pandemic, people need to take care of their health and wellness. Self-care packages from Tasty Snack will help them improve their health with healthy snacks and vitamins.

That's it! Which of these thank you gifts are best suited for your colleagues? Hope this  help you to choose the right one for them!