Birthday Snack Gift Ideas That Are Fun And Customisable



Are you thinking of the perfect birthday gift to show your best friend or family member how much they mean to you?


Look no further! Tasty Snack Asia has a build a gift box feature that allows you to choose a selection of snacks depending on your preference. They also have some delicious and fun snack gift ideas that are super tasty and totally customizable.


With their creative and one-of-a-kind snacks, you can send your loved one a unique gift box when celebrating their birthday or any special occasion.


Let's dive into the different options of gift boxes that one can come up with and that make the perfect snack gift ever.– right here, right now!



Vegan Gift Box



Being vegan is becoming the new norm, and it's no surprise why! Not only does being a vegan have tons of health benefits, but you're doing your part to create a healthier and more sustainable planet.


But, sometimes, finding an affordable vegan snack can be challenging. Thankfully, tasty Snack offers loads of yummy options that make eating vegan practically effortless!


Some vegan-friendly snacks to include in your gift box include Movie Time - sweet and salty popcorn, Nutify's fruits-freeze dried fruits, Cresc bites-salted sweet potato chips, All Like-seaweed banana chips, Green Day-broccoli chips, among others.


You can't go wrong adding one (or more!) of these tasty vegan snacks to your pantry — or better yet, sending them out as snack gift boxes for friends and family!



Shiok Snacks Gift Box



Looking to put a great gift together for your loved one's birthday? Look no further than Tasty Snack's amazing collection of snacks!


They have the perfect balance of shiok and local, with delicious treats from all around Southeast Asia. Plus, it won't cost an arm and a leg - they have the best prices around, so you can wow your special someone without breaking the bank.


Some shiok snacks you can use to make a gift box include; Yum! - emping chips, Eureka - cheese popcorn, Yum! shrimp crackers, Yum! original flavoured tempe chips, Ooh Mala potato chips, among many more.


Trust me; anyone would be lucky to receive a snack gift box like this - it's totally Instagram-worthy too!



Guilt Free Snacks Gift Box



Tasty Snack Asia is the place to shop for snacks when you are after guilt-free snacking!


Whether you're a kid looking for an on-the-go lunch, or an adult trying to stay healthy through those inevitable snack cravings, there's something for everyone.


Their massive variety of snacks makes it easy to customize the perfect gift box and surprise your loved one with something special.


Just head to their website and pick out the perfect blend of snacks – without having to sacrifice on taste or calories. They have a variety of snacks such as Temole- Avocado Sea Salt Chips, Cres Bites- Coconuts Chips, Eat Real - Lentil Chilli Chips, and Quest Ranch- Tortilla Style Protein Chips, among others.


Here's hoping that your zero-guilt gift box will put a huge smile on the lucky recipient's face!



Snacks From Around The World Gift Box



Snack time has just gotten a whole lot better with all the amazing snacks from around the world in Singapore! Whether you want to satisfy your own snack craving or surprise someone special, these international munchies are sure to leave them wanting more.


These snacks include; SSB - Earth Gummy, Booga Chips - Classic Crispy Seaweed, Forum- Oublis Rolls Biscuits, and Uswatte - Tipi Tip Cheesy Balls Snack, to name just a few.


At Tasty Snack, you can curate your own snack gift box using either of these treats from around the world. This makes the perfect birthday present for your loved one and is also perfect as a surprise gift box.


Not only is it loaded with yummy goodness, but it's also a creative way to show how much they mean to you. With such a diverse range of flavours all in one spot, you'll never be bored when it comes to snacking again!



Fun Snacks Gift Box



Why settle for ordinary, everyday snacks when Tasty Snack offers an extraordinary snack experience with its fun snacks and customized gift boxes?


Asia has a treasure trove of tasty and fun snacks, and who doesn't love a little variety? If you're looking to switch up your snack rotation and pamper yourself or your friends, head over to the Tasty Snack Asia website for an epic selection of treats.


Pick up a pre-made gift box or build a gift box from scratch using the various snacks from their website, such as; Tasti- Peanut Butter Almond Bar, Brothers - All-Natural Strawberry & Banana Crisps, Mother Earth - Baked Oat Chocolate Chips Bar, Fruit Hitz - Apple Chips etc. with something for everyone, this is the perfect way to surprise friends and family.


These delicious offerings make the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays or just for kicking back and enjoying some tasty snacks. Treat yourself today with the amazing snack options from Tasty Snack!





That's it! You can personalize a present for your friend or family member by opting for a birthday snack gift instead of the standard gifts.


Also, who doesn't enjoy receiving custom-made snacks on their special day? We hope this article provided you with some food for thought and gave you some fun options to choose from that will make the recipient smile ear to ear.


Before you know it, your loved one will be tearing apart the wrapping paper like a child, eagerly opening up the surprise inside.


So no matter what type of snack gift you decide to go with for their big day, it'll surely be a hit and be greatly appetized by all in attendance! Cheers to many more birthdays.



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