15 Birthday Surprise Ideas For Your Friends

Looking at the  calendar and you realise that your bestie's birthday is around the corner. Looking for some spectacular birthday surprise ideas? Why not organise a birthday party for them? Make sure it's not your average birthday celebration and your closest buddy will feel extra special while having a terrific time.

Not sure how to get everyone to work together to make it happen? Check Tasty Snack birthday surprise ideas below here!


1. Treasure Hunt

You can never be too old to go on an adventure. You may also make this completely unique. It's also an all-day event that becomes funnier as the day goes on!

The objective is to leave clues throughout the day that will send them on a wild goose hunt. Each new clue should lead them to a different location and can be accompanied by an alcoholic beverage. One of the clues, for example, may lead them to a cocktail bar, where you can stop for a drink and uncover the following clue.

The last surprise is all up to you. A meal with friends, a trip to the theatre, or even a surprise themed party at a location you've rented, complete with confetti, balloons, and party poppers.


2. Small Garden Party

Celebrating something is not always expensive. Simply laying down some gorgeous table linen is a fairly simple way to improve your garden party game and make it seem like a true occasion.

If you want to blur the differences between indoors and outside, try to make the tables outside feel as special as they would at a standard restaurant celebration. Layer a couple tablecloths on top of one another for a relaxed, rustic look. Don't forget to put tiny vases of fresh flowers. This will impress the birthday boy or birthday girl!


3. Fancy Dinner

For you who have a huge amount of budget, head to a fancy dining bar and restaurant for a romantic supper at a highly instagrammable café with spectacular panoramic views. This one of birthday surprise ideas is perfect for two couples to deepen their discussion while enjoying wonderful seafood, European cuisine, desserts, and more.


4. Piñata Doll

Another birthday surprise option for a teenage birthday party or someone of a mature age who yet feels youthful at heart is a piñata doll. You can adjust the items inside with the age of your friend. So this piñata doll may be filled with much more than sweets added with adult stuff like a travel kit, ticket to fulfil a bucket list dream, or a collection of desirable stuff that they want from a long time ago.


5. Tick-A-Birthday-Box

This idea is for folks who enjoy receiving unexpected birthday gifts that simply keep on coming! Set aside as many "designated gifting periods" as you like during the day. Then wrap a present for each person. When the clock strikes any of those times, the associated gift is opened.


6. Decorate The Room

When it comes to birthday parties, you don't necessarily want to waste money on decorations. Sometimes you want something more personalised and one-of-a-kind to celebrate a loved one. Set up an empty wall as a photo booth, mount your phone on a tripod, and add a few accessories, and your visitors can build memories, take them home, and share them on social media.

Greenery, flowers, balloons, garlands, lights, and streamers may be used to transform a basic wall into a colourful photo spot for various types of celebrations. For the ideal photo booth experience, add some shimmering lights.


7. Room Full of Snack

Everyone loves snacking for any occasion, so does your friend. To make them feel special on their birthday. Prepare a certain room full of their favourite snacks. Pick their most loved treats at Tasty Snack! There are a lot of unique and classic snacks that you can't find in the usual section of snacks at the supermarket. Your friend may be confused about how to consume all the delicious snacks in one day. Well, they can save some for later! 


8. Work Delivery

Working on your birthday isn't the best idea in the world. Why not make the birthday person feel extra special by having something delivered to their workplace? Our favourite suggestion is to give a customised snack gift box from Tasty Snack. We provide many types of snacks, from halal into a vegan snack so you will not run out of options.

Then, add a personalised letter to make this snack box more personal. This will bring a smile to the birthday girl or boy's face and make them happy, even if they have to work on their birthday.


9. Go-kart Racing

Who says your friend can't have some heart-pounding fun on his/her birthday? If your birthday girl or boy is looking for a thrill, gather your friends and organise a Go-Kart racing party! KF1 Karting Circuit is the right place to push the adrenaline for an exciting birthday moment. Feel the sensation of becoming a professional racer in one day.


10. Day of Awesomeness

Now is the moment to find out if you've been paying attention to your pal! Instead of a standard present, why not organise a birthday party surprise trip to a location they've mentioned visiting? A long weekend away is usually a good idea, and it will be the best birthday present of the year.

Exploring somewhere new is always fun and doesn't have to break the wallet, whether it's to explore new locations, go shopping, or pamper yourself. Why not go glamping or stay in a budget-friendly hotel? We recommend you to try spending the night at the Glamping City at Orchid Country Club.  Trust us, this is gonna be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience for your friend.


11. Midnight Madness

This doozy is ideal for someone who isn't usually a night owl. Set his/her alarm for midnight on their special day. Then engage in enjoyable activities such as grabbing a short drink before a neighbouring pub shuts. Breakfast at a 24-hour restaurant at night. A trek in the night. More around the campfire. Unwrapping the day's first birthday gift. Then, from a high vantage point, watching the lovely sun rise.


12.  e-Coupon

Not sure what kind of your friend’s favourite snacks? You still can make the special day more even merrier by letting them decide what he/she wants. Give him/her a special e-Coupon from Tasty Snack.

Set a budget and your friend can start shopping with no minimum quantity. Your friend just needs to choose input their mailing addresses and coupon code. After that, just wait and chill. Tasty Snack will prepare and deliver the snacks within 2 working days!


13. Karaoke Party

Everyone loves to karaoke and sing their hearts out. A karaoke party would be a good option. With a selection of colourful instagrammable rooms to choose from, you may channel your inner popstar to find out who the finest singer of all time is. There are also plenty of props, refreshments, and food to keep you hydrated.

Warning: be careful about sore throat after a long karaoke session with your friend.


14. Enjoy With The Wild Ones

What is the wildest way to create a celebration for a birthday? Celebrate your friend's birthday with the animals at Singapore Zoo! Make your visit even more exciting by going behind the scenes to get a closer look at our wildlife. You can also learn how animals are cared for, learn their distinct characteristics, and even feed some of them. Don't skip to ​​witness the amazing talents of animals alongside their trainers.


15. Virtual Birthday

Long distance friendship might be a bummer, especially when one of your best mates has a birthday. You can celebrate it together through virtual birthdays. To throw a virtual party, use Skype, Facetime or Zoom to link your mate from various regions.

Make it even more exciting by sending balloons, a party horn, and a goodie to everyone who is a part of the birthday surprise. Remember to include the birthday individual. Put a note on theirs telling them not to open it until you give them permission.

Birthday is a one-time event happening just once a year. Why not take time off your hectic schedule to spend time with your bestie? We hope those birthday surprise ideas helped you create unforgettable experiences with your friends!