Brand Spotlight: Choroc Maeul (Korea)

Healthy and organic eating can be delicious! We taste-tested an organic brand from Korea - Chocroc Maeul to find a perfect snacking solution for you. Choroc Maeul works with the best small-batch, socially-responsible food makers to ensure that everything they make is not only good for you and the world around us, but delicious too.

Choroc Maeul is a Korean supermarket chain that specialises in eco-friendly, and organic products. Started in 1999, Choroc Maeul aims to be Korea's No.1 eco-friendly organic brand and they pledge themselves on ethical farming and pesticide-free products.


Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS)

Tasty Snack Asia - Choroc Maeul Supermarket Snacks in Singapore

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Choroc Maeul has been actively contributing to the spread of LOHAS (Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability), through promoting health and sustainable growth including creating an environment where people can conveniently purchase safe food.


Supporting Local Farmers

Tasty Snack Asia - Choroc Maeul Support Local Farm in Korea


Their discovery of farms that produce excellent eco-friendly agricultural products, and supporting them, have contributed to securing stable income for farmers and improving the production of excellent and safe agricultural products.


Find Choroc Maeul in Singapore

 Tasty Snack Asia - Box of Snacks from Choroc Maeul Soft Waffle, Seaweed, Orange Juice


Tasty Snack curation of Choroc Maeul's organic snacks adds to our variety of over 1,500 snacks and beverages for you to choose from. Finding organic Korean snacks will never feel like a chore with Choroc Maeul's Organic Soft Waffle, Organic Stone Laver and Tangerine Juice.