Discover Female Led Local Food Brands For International Women's Day


As International Women's Day fast approaches, what better way to celebrate women than by highlighting some amazing female-led brands in Singapore? As a global hub for creativity and innovation, it boasts numerous inspiring startups led by talented women entrepreneurs.


From fashion labels to eco-friendly lifestyle products, there are countless great options from up-and-coming local brands doing their part in pushing forward an awesome and more diverse community. Read on for some of the best female-led local brands that are making waves in Singapore and beyond!



Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery

Tasty Snack - Discover Female Led Local Food Brands For International Women's Day - Sourbombe

Image: Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery


Sourbombe is the place to go for truly unique desserts. From eye-catching cakes to light and airy macarons, They craft each, and every one of the treats with precision and love. Genevieve Lee, the runne-up of MasterChef Singapore 2018, has greatly used her passion for baking through her wonderfully creative Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery.


Her desserts are known for their whimsical designs, high-quality ingredients, and heart-stopping flavours. Customers can enjoy treats like sponge cakes filled with rose-flavoured cream cheese mousse and dark chocolate macarons with a single shot of espresso or lavender buttercream. She even creates edible desserts that look like works of art - perfect for celebrating special occasions. So if you're looking for a sweet tooth’s gift box, head over to Sourbombe and get ready to be amazed! 


Despite its small size, the shop continuously receives a steady stream of enthusiasts who swear by its diverse treats. Not only are these tasty delicacies artfully presented, but the combination of her imaginative flavours also creates an unparalleled experience that appeals to all different types of sweet tooths. If you have a sweet tooth, visit Sourbombe today for a variety of snacks in Singapore, and you can expect nothing less than pure satisfaction.




Bake A Joy

Tasty Snack - Discover Female Led Local Food Brands For International Women's Day - Bake A Joy

Image: Bake A Joy


Bake A Joy is a wonderful organization transforming women's lives in their community by creating job security and providing essential baking and financial skills. Since its inception, Bake A Joys' mission has been to impact society through delectable desserts. By empowering this demographic with an opportunity to learn baking techniques and life lessons they would not have received otherwise, Bake A Joy provides these women with a much-needed support system. With their kindness and investment in the future, Bake A Joy creates lasting differences for generations to come.


Everyone loves eating decadent desserts, and Bake A Joy offers some of the most delicious snacks in Singapore, be it cakes, cupcakes and other treats imaginable. What's even more incredible is that this business takes its commitment to give back to the community to a new level.


Not only do they offer customized desserts catered to individual tastes and special occasions, but they also provide employment opportunities for women who may be struggling financially due most likely to life circumstances like being single mothers or coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. By engaging these women as employees, Bake A Joy not only allows them an opportunity to better themselves by gaining meaningful work experience but also provides them with flexible employment options in order for them to maintain a balance between work and other commitments. Indeed an inspiring concept!




L'éclair Pâtisserie

Tasty Snack - Discover Female Led Local Food Brands For International Women's Day - L'eclair

Image: L'éclair Pâtisserie


L'éclair by Michelle Looi and Hsu Ting Li has become an absolute dream for pastry lovers worldwide. This enchanting bakery opened its doors thanks to two passionate graduates of the infamous Le Cordon Bleu Paris.


Using their experience in Le Cordon Bleu, Michelle and Ting Li has crafted some of the most exquisitely rich and delicate pastries that tantalize your taste buds with an explosion of flavour. Every bite is a journey into their unique world of confectionery delights. With pure ingredients, intricate techniques, and playful presentation, L'éclair will take you on a ride through the culinary lands like no other.


The delicious French pastries at this bakery have truly won the hearts of many, creating a loyal following of pastry lovers and dessert enthusiasts alike. From signature treats such as the Dark chocolate eclair to Ispahan eclair - combination of rose cream, lychee, and rasberries, this store truly has amazing eclairs for everyone looking to enjoy a unique decadent treat.




Moon Juice Kombucha

Tasty Snack - Discover Female Led Local Food Brands For International Women's Day - Moon Juice Kombucha

Moon Juice Kombucha by Emily Loo is a naturally fermented beverage that has won rave reviews from both wellness experts and everyday customers for its unique taste, health benefits, and versatility.


The Kombucha is incredibly flavorful and smooth due to the high-quality ingredients used in each batch. Most importantly, Moon Juice Kombucha is versatile enough to enjoy on its own as a refreshing sip enjoyed any time of day or use it as an ingredient in a variety of recipes—from salad dressings to mocktails!


With its delicious flavour, positive health effects like improved digestion and detoxification and utility, it's no wonder why this product has taken off so quickly and become a shopping staple in so many homes.




Janice Wong Chocolates

Tasty Snack - Discover Female Led Local Food Brands For International Women's Day - Janice Wong Chocolates

Image: Janice Wong


Janice Wong chocolates are an exquisite treat fit for any occasion. Her masterful combination of creamy flavours, complex textures and unique colour palettes create a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


Janice Wong's signature no-bake Chocolate Bon Bons make any special occasion a truly memorable one. Fusing local offerings from the signature Singapore Series with classic flavour combinations, each little piece is a work of art delicately crafted by hand for true appreciation.


Each chocolate bursts with flavour, from her classic fudge truffles to her fun and fruity marshmallow bonbons. Janice Wong's dedication to excellence makes it easy to see why she is the celebrated culinary artist behind some of the world's most sought-after chocolates. For a luxurious taste sensation, it has to be Janice Wong!








International Women's Day is one of the perfect opportunities to discover and showcase the amazing female-led brands in Singapore. So many creative, talented ladies running small businesses deserve recognition for their hard work and drive.


These inspiring entrepreneurs prove that anything is possible with dedication and passion. Ultimately, supporting local female entrepreneurs also benefits the local economy and encourages other women to pursue setting up their own businesses. Celebrating International Women's Day by getting behind these terrific, women-led brands will not only show them our support but also celebrates how far we have come in the fight for gender equality while at the same time acknowledging all those brilliant women striving for even greater progress.