Facts About Seaweed That'll Make You Stock Seaweed Snacks

Beach lovers often spot seaweed floating or being carried away by the waves. While many find it unsightly at first glance, it is a proven face that seaweed has a lot of advantages.

Rich in nutrients and believed to have a lot of minerals and other compounds that can treat illnesses and rejuvenate the skin. Don't be surprised because now there are many skincare and food products made from seaweed because of its content that have been tested and proven successful. Here are some unique facts about the popular Japanese food that you need to know.


The Ancient Greeks Used It As Medicine


Long before it was used in skin care products, the ancient Greeks mixed seaweed in hot baths because they believed it could remove toxins from the body and rejuvenate their skin. This method is known as Thalassotherapy (Thalasso is Greek for 'sea') and the Greeks believed that seaweed could cure disease.



One Of The Largest Oxygen Suppliers On Earth


If you previously thought that the largest source of oxygen on earth is the rainforest, you are mistaken. Rainforests supply only 28% of the total oxygen on earth, while about 70% of the oxygen on earth actually comes from marine species, such as phytoplankton, seaweed and algae plankton. This is why it is important to protect our oceans to keep them clean and sustainable.



Good For Skin


Have you ever watched Little Mermaid? Ariel's skin that glows when exposed to sunlight is said to be because mermaids have beautiful skin obtained from seaweed. The vitamins and minerals in seaweed help keep the skin looking silky and radiant. Seaweed also has anti-inflammatory content that can fight acne and relieve symptoms of rosacea, a red rash that appears on the face like pimples. Its abundant antioxidant content is also believed to have an anti-aging effect, so skincare made from seaweed usually carries the tagline 'anti-aging'.



Looking for delicious seaweed snacks to benefit from all of its goodness? Tasty Snack has compiled a list of recommended seaweed snacks specifically for you.


Booga Chips


Booga Chips is a seaweed snack from Korea which is made from 100% Korean seaweed and uses natural ingredients such as glutinous rice and sesame. Booga Chips has three flavors: Green Wasabi, Sweet Corn and Classic Sesame. The natural salty and savory taste of seaweed is served with three unique flavors, you must try all 3 varieties!


Golden Duck Chili Crab Seaweed Tempura


If you're visiting Singapore, one of the many dishes that you need to try is Singapore Chilli Crab. Not only can you find them in restaurants and hawker centres, Golden Duck makes it so accessible with their very own Chilli Crab Seaweed Tempura Singapore Snack. The seaweed squares are roasted, coated with house-made tempura batter, deep-fried and then topped with REAL crab meat. Snacking on them is almost like digging into your favourite local crab dish. It's a perfect gift to share the taste of Singapore back home.



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