Get your hands on these amazing Chinese New Year Hampers before they're all gone!

Chinese New Year is upon us, and it is an opportunity to show appreciation to those around us. This is the perfect time to let loved ones know how much they mean, thank hardworking colleagues for their contributions, or recognize a special friend who brightened up your day. Expressing gratitude can make others feel appreciated while also bringing meaningfulness and joy into our own lives.

Research has shown that practising gratitude has many beneficial effects. Expressing gratitude during Chinese New Year, spreading positivity and sincerely express thanks for the loved ones in our lives helps us with improved self-esteem, reduced stress levels and even a longer life expectancy.

With an abundance of thoughtful presents available on the market these days, finding something special just got easier! Consider sending out gift hampers as your go-to option! Read on for some ideas as we take you through our guide on buying Chinese New Year hampers from Tasty Snack Asia.


Joyous Journey Gift Set

Tasty Snack - Get your hands on these amazing Chinese New Year Hampers before they're all gone - Joyous Journey Gift Set

To sweeten any Lunar New Year gathering, a bounty of snacks is a must! The Joyous Journey Gift Set by Tasty Snack is the perfect way to add variety to your festive snack table. With classic cool favourites, these delectable snacks are sure to please even the pickiest members of your CNY party.

Plus, with the different flavours and assortments included in each gift set, everyone can find something that gives them a joyful 'snacky' experience! Enjoy the taste adventure this Lunar New Year with Tasty Snack!

Inside the charming box, you'll find Yum Emping Chips (50g), with a deliciously crunchy texture that will excite your taste buds. You'll also find Yum Shrimp Crackers (70g), bringing together the perfect combination of flavours and an irresistibly light and crispy texture.

There are even Original Flavoured Tempe Chips (100g) for an experience like no other! Tempe chips are an innovative, groundbreaking new food that is sure to revolutionize the snack aisle. These scrumptious little treats contain no preservatives, gluten or trans fat. What makes them truly special, however, is their main source of protein - plants! Thanks to this, snacking can now be a balanced and nutritious activity.

Last but not least, this Chinese New Year Hamper also includes a Fortune Bag - a great way to start off the Chinese New year with some extra good luck! Get ready to embark on a delightfully tasty journey with the Joyous Journey Gift Set!


Full Of Luck Gift Set

Tasty Snack - Get your hands on these amazing Chinese New Year Hampers before they're all gone - Full Of Luck Gift Set

Get your celebrations off to a great start with Chinese New Year Hampers by Tasty Snack! This set comes packed with lots of delicious Chinese snacks, sure to put everyone in the mood for a festive celebration.

It features a wonderfully festive selection of snacks and drinks that is perfect for a special celebration. Aalst's Whole Almond Milk Chocolate Tin (300g) offers a wonderful balance of flavour, while the Yum Shrimp Cracker (70g) adds a savoury crunch to the mix. For something unique, Ooh Mala Peanuts (80g) offers an exciting blend of flavours in every bite.

Herbaleo Peach Gum Collagen Dessert with Tangerine (165g) makes for a delicious end to any meal, while the Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon (187ml) is sure to start things off right. It's the ideal way to make this Chinese New Year special!

No matter what type of gathering you're hosting, these treats will make it unforgettable as everyone enjoys themselves while they nibble on flavorful bites. A good selection of snacks and drinks also shows how much effort you've put into the festivities, demonstrating your appreciation for them. The best part about this Chinese New Year Hamper is that it can be sent directly to your home, so you won't have to worry about the hassle of picking it up and bringing them over.


Whether you are near or far from your family and friends this New Year, why not show them how much you care by sending the Golden Blessings Gift Set? It's bursting with yummy snacks that will bring a smile to their face, plus it even has the power to bless them with plenty of huat for the new year.

This gift set contains an array of delectable treats, including savoury snacks and delightful desserts. All your loved ones need to do is rip open their present, and they'll be instantly rewarded with a plethora of deliciousness - they can thank you later! Make sure everyone starts off the new year on a high note by gifting this thoughtfully-made treat today!

The Golden Blessings Gift Set by Tasty Snack provides the perfect gesture of appreciation - and delicious snacks to go along with it! The set features Danisa Butter Cookies (200g), Cupido cherry liqueur chocolates (132g), Ding's tropical pineapple balls (400g), Cavendish & Harvey Berry Selection Candies Jar (300g), Ooh Mala Prawn Crackers (70g), and Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon (187ml).

Ooh Lala has created a delicious and unique twist on prawn crackers that make the perfect addition to any Chinese new year hamper. The crunchy, airy crackers are tossed in their signature mala spice, making it the perfect Snack to end your lunar new year meal. Not only is it light, but it also packs enough flavour to make it one of the top snacks to choose from this festive season!

With this well-rounded combo of sweet treats and savoury delights, you can satisfy any snack craving. Plus, each item is conveniently packaged for easy sharing or solo treats. The golden blessings gift set is sure to be a hit with everyone!


Gourmet Prosperity Gift Set

Tasty Snack - Get your hands on these amazing Chinese New Year Hampers before they're all gone - Gourmet Prosperity Gift Set

Shower your loved ones with Huat with our Gourmet Prosperity Chinese New Year Hamper! An assortment of tasty snacks that are sure to bring happiness, health, wealth and prosperity to your doorstep, this box of delights features festive goodies and fresh bakes that will have everyone clapping in joy!

Perfect for gatherings, both big and small, sending over this gift set shows how much you cherish the moments spent with your friends and family. So don't wait - bring some cheer to the celebration now!

This generously portioned gift set includes something for everyone, from a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (187ml) from Frontera to make sure the night starts off right to Mala Crabsticks (180g) for that mouth-watering salty Snack.

There are also Garden Chinese New Year Butter Rolls (192g) and Godiva Signature Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate (90g) for that rich dessert. And Kinohimitsu Essence of Chicken with Lingzhi (450g) covers all your bases, with six bottles of a nutritious and delicious broth supplement.

The set is completed with an ornately printed Fortune Bag - because who doesn't need a little extra luck? So please pick up your Gourmet Prosperity Gift Set today, and be ready to share it with someone special!


This gift set offers a luxury red gift box filled with symbolic sweet and savoury treasures, sure to delight any recipient. This Gift set offers something for everyone. With its assortment of crunchy and chewy snacks, this Abundance of Gold Gift set is certain to bring good fortune and impress all who receive it - an unbeatable way to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.

This celebratory hamper will tantalize your taste buds with two cans of Kinohimitsu's Imperial Braised Japanese abalone that are sure to make a delicious meal. To complement the feast, you will find a bottle of Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon – a full-bodied and velvety smooth red wine.

To top it all off, two bottles of Kinohimitsu's Bird's Nest with Red Dates & Wolfberries offer an exquisite delicacy – perfect for any special occasion! There's no better way for anyone to start off the year than this exquisite collection, so get it now and make the most out of the upcoming festivity. 

You also get a packet of Aalst Whole Almond Milk Chocolate Doypack with 40g and Quelques Fleurs 125g box of Hamlet Forum Oublies Butter Rolls. All these treats come nestled in an elegantly designed gift box for the ideal present for any special occasion. Buy today and treat someone special!





The season of giving isn't over yet! There's still time to buy Tasty Snack's Chinese New Year Hampers, for your friends, business partners, and loved ones. With a variety of options by Tasty Snack, you will find the perfect one for everyone on your list. So don't wait any longer; head to our website and order your Chinese New Year hamper today!