Christmas Party Dinner Under $40 Per Person

Something amazing happens when we share great food and gifts with loved ones and friends. However, one of the realities of Christmas 2021 is that many people are on tighter budgets than usual. That doesn’t have to be an impediment to a sumptuous, festive holiday meal — instead, let it be like a little puzzle to solve. Since Christmas is only a month away, Have you got your menu ready for the festive dinner? If you haven't, it's time for you to get cracking and start planning your Christmas spread for the most wonderful time of the year!

Let's turn the festivity up a notch with some delicious bakes and artisanal cheese platters.


Artisanal Cheese Platters From Lush Platters

Lush Platters is a locally owned business which offers a unique dining concept of grazing tables complete with luxury artisanal cheese and charcuterie platters for a wholesome experience especially during this season. They even provide platter boxes for individuals with specific dietary requirements such as gluten-free, meat-free and vegan.


Tasty Snack Christmas collaboration with Lush Platters with 2 Christmas Intimate Platter Box

Snackmates, get excited as Tasty Snack partners up with Lush Platters to elevate your Christmas dinner. Introducing our Christmas Intimate Platter Box at $88 inclusive of delivery. This platter takes up to 5 working days for delivery and is available till 15 December 2021 at our site. This centrepiece is sure to impress, remember to get yours now as there are limited quantities available.


Fresh Gluten-Free Bakes From The Whole Kitchen

Tasty Snack Christmas Collaboration with Whole Kitchen

The Whole Kitchen is a brand that stands for genuine health, great taste, and natural goodness, always striving to reignite people’s love for food. They offer a wide range of guilt-free bakes from cakes, muffins, cookies, savouries and more. What's even better? They are halal-certified and have a range of products to cater from individuals with various dietary requirements such as vegan, dairy-free, low-carb, paleo and keto.


Tasty Snack Christmas collaboration with The Whole Kitchen: Santa's Festive Bakes Gift Box

We are thrilled to partner up with The Whole Kitchen to bring your Christmas bakes to the next level. Introducing our Santa's Festive Bakes Gift Box at $49 inclusive of delivery. The box is complete with 4 types of freshly baked biscottis and cookies perfect for your dinner party and it is available till 15 December 2021. Our freshly baked Christmas cookies will bring smiles to your dinner table. Get yours now!


Quirky Craft Beers From Thirsty

Thirsty is a craft beer retailer which specialises in offering a wide range of affordable craft beers, beer gifts, experiences and merchandise since 2015. If there is any company that knows better beer in Singapore, Thirsty is one of them. Wow your guests with limited edition craft beers and pair them with your festive menu. Now that's a party!


Fine Wines From Crystal Wines

Established in 1998, Crystal Wines is a trusted name among private wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. You can find over 2,000 wines from prestigious producers all over the world which gives you an array of options to pair with your Christmas Dinner menu.


100% Soy Candles From The Xīang Co.

The Xīang Co. is a brand that provides smokeless candles that are made from 100% soy & natural ingredients that burn up to 45 - 50 hours. With an array of scent from Wild Bluebell, Red Rose to Earl Grey & Cucumber, and more, be sure to impress your guests with 360 delightful 360  Christmas experience.


**Bonus Tip: Potato Gratin Recipe

Add a humble home made potato gratin at less than $10 (check this link for recipe) and some sliced cold cuts for less than $20 from your supermarket, your Christmas menu is all set.


Now, you have your menu and experience set. It's time to lift up your Christmas Spirit. Here are some ways you can find joy this Christmas.