Indulge In The Yummiest Goodies This Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year means getting together with family and friends, sharing stories over a feast of amazing home cooking, giving gifts, as well as enjoying games and karaoke all night long. Of course, the games would be more fun when you have the best bag of Chinese New Year goodies to snack on. They are great as gifts, too!

With an extensive variety of Chinese New Year goodies in the market, which then is the best Chinese New Year goodies? In this series of yummiest local goodies, we've curated our favourites for you.


Marie Home Foods

Tasty Snack Asia - Chinese New Year 2022 - Year of the Tiger - Marie Home Foods - Fresh Coconut Cake

First on the list is Marie Home Foods! Their home based business started in 2020 and has been the talk of the town. Made from 100% natural ingredients, their fresh bakes and desserts range from the famous Coconut Cake, Kueh Salat to even CNY Yu Sheng.

Marie Home Foods fresh coconut cake is lovingly hand made with an abundance of hand-grated coconut and light fluffy sponge cake. The fresh coconut cake is so amazingly good, we bet you coconut lovers will reach for seconds after your first piece of cake. Cut the month-long queue and order via our website for a 3 day only wait time.



Tasty Snack Asia - Chinese New Year 2022 - Year of the Tiger - Mahota - Lucky Treasure Gift Box

Mahota brings fresh, seasonal organic produce directly to grow what they sell and sell what they cook. With a large range of organic fresh produce and a good selection of healthy products, they aspire to be the healthiest grocer in Singapore!

Welcome the Lunar New Year with the spread of unique goodies from Mahota's best selling yuzu Castella cake with a refreshing zest perfect for a CNY snacking session. Accompanied with a unique combination of yuzu pineapple tarts, hae bee hiam cookies and super foods biscotti, this festive CNY snack is a perfect gift for your loved ones.



Tasty Snack Asia - Chinese New Year 2022 - Year of the Tiger - SunnyHills Sg - Pineapple Cake 9 Pieces

Next on our list is no stranger to Tasty Snack and our OG Snackmates. It is none other than SunnyHills! SunnyHills formed a farmer co-operative to grow organic, non-genetically modified Taiwanese pineapples, and SunnyHills' expert chefs stretch their imagination to create delicacies unique to SunnyHills. Their delicacies were created for family and close friends with the same spirit as how a mother would, without any artificial additives or preservatives.

Sunnyhill's hallmark non-GMO golden pineapples and encased within a layer of salted egg made into a custard, this special Chinese New Year goodie is a delightful twist to everyone's favourite pineapple tart! With no artificial additives and preservatives used, it's a perfect gift-bearing well wishes of abundance.


Tasty Snack CNY Gift Boxes

Tasty Snack Asia Chinese New Year Gift Boxes

Tasty Snack's curated Chinese New Year Gift Boxes are curated with the best selection of snacks from all over Asia. From hae bee hiam spring rolls, prawn crackers,  to hot and tangy crab sticks. Eat your way to a roaring good time this Chinese New Year and help amplify the blessings to your loved ones or colleagues with our huat goodies, and treasure filled fortune gift boxes.

Wanna pick your own selection of Chinese Lunar New Year snacks but don't wish to travel to get your goodies? You can get them delivered to your doorstep. Pick your own curated Chinese New Year Goodies in our ala carte selection. Spruce your snack pantry by February 1st and you'll be ready to have a roaring good year with your friends and family.