Tasty Snack x SunnyHills

In the Hokkien dialect of Taiwanese, the word for pineapple, ong lai, is pronounced the same as the phrase “prosperity has arrived.” Because of this, the pineapple is a symbol of luxury and hospitality, and a popular feng shui symbol of wealth, fortune, and prosperity in Taiwan. New homeowners sometimes roll a pineapple into their home to inspire good fortune and luxury. And everywhere, they are passionately consumed, often in the form of a Taiwanese pineapple cake

Tasty Snack is obsessed with food and naturally, we would love collaborating with brands that hold the highest standards for quality. This Chinese New Year, we’ve curated our CNY gift boxes with SunnyHills famous pineapple cakes. Let's find out why it is better than the rest of the pineapple cakes in the market. 

1. How did SunnyHills pineapple cake come about? Why was this snack created and for who?  

SunnyHills started because the founders wanted to help the farmers carve out a brighter future. SunnyHills formed a farmer co-operative to grow organic, non-genetically modified Taiwanese pineapples, and SunnyHills' expert chefs stretch their imagination to create delicacies unique to SunnyHills. Their delicacies were created for family and close friends with the same spirit as how a mother would, without any artificial additives or preservatives.

2. Your brand's ongoing environmental efforts to support local farmers and protect the land is admiring, could you share more about this world project?  

SunnyHills currently works with over 800 family farms, and through this effort inspired many agricultural businesses from around the world to rethink their business model. With the same philosophy of working directly with farmers and benefiting consumers with honestly grown produce, started 2 projects from fruits outside of Taiwan. The first was with Durians from Pahang, Malaysia, which we believe grows the best durians in the world. The second was with Japanese Kougyoku apples, benefitting the Japanese apple farmers directly.

3. What makes your pineapple cakes one of the most sought after in the world? Is there a secret ingredient that makes it so mouth-watering?

SunnyHills pineapples are non-genetically modified Taiwanese pineapples, where the fruit takes on the flavour of the seasons. Especially tangy in fall and sweet in summer, only the sun-ripen pineapples are used and freshly processed within 3 days of harvest to retain the full flavours. Pineapples are then hand-cut and slowly cooked, and further aged for 3-6 months in a controlled temperature, to create a mellow flavour, unique to SunnyHills.

4. What is the best way to eat your pineapple cakes and why? Do you pair it with a drink?

SunnyHills pineapple cake tarts were created as a snack and can be eaten the whole year-round. Best paired with unsweetened tea or coffee, or even with Milk for breakfast. Utterly satisfying!

5. Sunny Hills' collaboration with Tasty Snack is a first in many ways. What excites you the most about it?

SunnyHills and Tasty Snack share the same goals, healthier feel-good snacks, on top of that it makes you feel good when you know the farmers are properly incentivised so you get honestly grown ingredients.