Top 4 Delicious Indonesian Snacks You Should Try

Indonesia is famous for many things - tropical beaches, exquisite batiks, and street food, which are an integral part of their culture. Despite having more than 18,000 islands, each with different cuisine, the locals have a common shared love for food.

With over 1,300 ethnic groups, it is no wonder that Indonesia has one of the most diverse Asian snacks varieties. Here are 4 delicious and hard to find Indonesian snacks in Singapore that you should try!


Yum Emping Chips

Tasty Snack Asia - Snack Box Singapore - Indonesian Snacks - Emping Chips

Emping is one of the most popular snacks in Indonesia. The word emping comes from the Javanese words for 'bits' and 'seed'. This delicious snack is made from grounded melinjo or belinjo seeds and are a perfect pairing to your nasi goreng, lontong sayur or even soto ayam!

Yum, a popular brand exclusive to Tasty Snack Asia, has one of the best emping chips that we've tried so far and our OG snackmates can back us up on that. With a natural bitterness of the belinjo fused with a hint of complimenting sweetness. It is one of our best selling Halal snacks that goes off like hot cakes.


Chitato x Indomie

Tasty Snack Asia - Snack Box Singapore - Indonesian Snacks - Chitato Indomie Potato Chips

Like any other countries, the most commonly sought after snack in Indonesia is potato chips. Pairing these crunchy savoury snacks into their traditional main dish is a common practice in Indonesia. From their popular ayam penyet to the popular Indomie, that added crunch can be counted as a requirement to their daily diet.

Chitato, an Indonesian brand known for their crinkle chips, has collaborated with Indomie, a brand that needs no introduction for being well-loved by instant noodle lovers. It is a match made in snack heaven, as it combines the 2 Indonesian favourites, Indomie and Keropok. Grab a Chitato Indomie Potato Chips for a complete Indonesian snacking experience.


Yum Tempe Chips

Tasty Snack Asia - Snack Box Singapore - Indonesian Snacks - Tempe Chips


Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food made from fermented soybeans usually consumed as a side dish with veggies. Now, Indonesians enjoy protein-rich food as a form of snack. Due to its mild nutty taste, it’s easy to pair it with other food like cheese, sambals and even your salads!

If you're looking for some healthy snacks to munch on after a good workout, we highly recommend Yum's Tempe Chips. With no preservatives, high in protein and within 100 calories per servings, this flavourful snack will satisfy your cravings without hurting your diet plan! Trust us, it's one of the best tempeh chips Indonesia has to offer.


East Bali Cashews

Tasty Snack Asia - Snack Box Singapore - Indonesian Snacks - East Bali Cashews


If you've ever googled "Indonesia snacks Singapore", you'll be amazed at the number of nuts and cashew snacks that pops up in your searches. Cashews are incredibly popular in Indonesia and some even used them in bakes, especially cookies.

Located on the volcanic island of Bali, East Bali Cashews uses the highest quality ingredients in the Indonesian archipelago. In close collaboration with their farmers, they craft their mouthwatering recipes especially, the sweet & spicy cashew which is one of our favourite.


We hear your tummy grumbling now, with our list of top snacks from Indonesia, (besides the common Indonesia Prawn Cracker)! If you're still looking high and low for these snacks, fret not, Tasty Snack Asia brings the most delicious crackers Indonesia has to offer to our foodies in Singapore.