A Hari Raya To Remember - Mix Of Traditional And New Favourites



The joyful celebration of Hari Raya is just around the corner, and it's a time to share and indulge in some of our favourite traditional dishes.


With family gathering together, there will be an array of different dishes being served up, but why not mix things up a bit by introducing something new along with the old favourites?


Follow this blog post for some inspiration on how you can incorporate old traditions with innovative ideas and make your Hari Raya celebrations extraordinary!








Ketupat is definitely an OG food! It's an iconic Southeast Asian rice dumpling that typically consists of rice which is wrapped up in a woven coconut or palm leaf pouch and boiled in a savoury broth.


With the concept closely connected to the harvesting cycle of rice, the traditional dumpling has become a big part of many occasions and festivities - from Ramadan celebrations to ceremonial feasts.


Its distinct diamond shapes have also come to represent various aspects of life, from luck and fortune to harmony and balance. A unique delicacy for sure, so why not give it a try?!







Dodol is an iconic traditional dish and favourite of many, both the young and old. It's made up of simple ingredients, including coconut milk, Malacca sugar and glutinous rice.


The cooking process is anything but! Stove-top cooking with stirring required every few minutes over nine hours - talk about a labour of love! Despite this tedious process, the result is luxurious and flavoured.


This traditional Southeast Asian dessert is an absolute winner when it comes to snacks in Singapore. Dodol has a thick texture that's super creamy and deliciously sweet.


It comes in flavours like pandan, ginger, durian and coffee mocha - pick your favourite and enjoy it as a snack or a different type of dessert. You won't regret trying it out!







Making lontong has always been a labour of love. Originating in Indonesia, lontong is essentially a block of compressed rice, usually added to several types of dishes.


Wondering how it gets its distinct shape? It's packed tightly into banana leaves that are then tied with strings and boiled, giving it its signature cylinder shape.


While the main star ingredient is obviously the rice itself, the seasoning sauce has its own significance as it helps to add spice and flavour to the dish.


Whether you have it with curry or vegetable stew, one bite will indeed have you hooked on lontong!




Lambuk Porridge



Lambuk porridge is a unique Malaysian treat! It's a fragrant concoction made from rice, spices, and herbs that make for a delightfully savoury bowl of food.


It's typically served during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, and it's sure to give you an energy boost after a day on the fast.


This is an incredible meal that everyone looks forward to during Ramadan. You can customize your own version according to individual tastes with a mix of spices.


The difficulty in its preparation means it's usually only found during special occasions and festivals, but it's definitely worth seeking out.


Just close your eyes and let the wonderful aroma wash over you! Have yourself a bowl of delicious lambuk porridge today; you'll love it!







Lemang is an exquisite traditional dish made from glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt , it's an exceptionally  delicious dish that packs an amazing flavour profile.


Lemang is traditionally cooked by wrapping the rice in banana leaves and then roasting it over firewood, making it even more tantalizing.


You'll know you're eating something special the moment you take your first bite; its delicate texture with hints of fragrant pandan essence and coconut milk will have your taste buds hooked!


If you haven't tried Lemang yet, what are you waiting for? Get yourself some now and experience something truly unique!






Ayam Masak Merah



Ayam Masak Merah is a classic, creamy and delicious Malaysian dish. It may not look like it's much, but this zesty dish packs a ton of flavour in every single bite!


It features chicken that's been cooked in a red-tinged curry sauce with spices, ginger, and real coconut cream, providing balance to its sweetness.


There's a kick of heat as well, making it an absolute joy to eat! Whether you're serving it at your next dinner party or indulging alone, there's no denying that Ayam Masak Merah will be the star of the show.




Sayur Lodeh


Sayur Lodeh is the perfect comfort food! This Southeast Asian vegetable curry is flavorful, rustic, and comforting - the perfect thing to pull out for a midweek dinner.


It's made with blended chilis, ginger, garlic, and shallots, together with coconut milk, making it surprisingly creamy and spicy.


This mix of fragrant aromatics makes the simple veggies that go into this dish beyond scrumptious - you can't go wrong with carrots, eggplant, green beans, potatoes and more!


And if you're feeling a little more daring in the kitchen, why not add some tempeh or tofu to your Sayur Lodeh? Infinite possibilities await. So what are you waiting for? Bust out your wok and get cooking up a totally delicious bowl of Sayur Lodeh!




Beef Rendang



Beef rendang is the ultimate comfort food for many! This iconic dish from Southeast Asia combines an aromatic mix of spices, coconut milk, and beef that's been slow-cooked until it's succulent and tender.


The aromatic combination of lemongrass, galangal, chilli, turmeric, ginger and garlic helps create a bold flavour that has spice levels ranging from mild to wild.


Prepared differently depending on local custom, no two rendangs will taste the same! Making it truly unique – plus, it can be kept in the fridge for days while still preserving its goodness.


So why wait? Give yourself something special tonight with a tasty bowl of Beef Rendang.






If you haven't tried serunding yet, you're seriously missing out! This dish is a delicious mixture of seasoned spices and shredded meat or fish.


It's popularly used in Malaysian cuisine and often served during festivals or special occasions. The flavours are amazing- spicy, sweet and savoury all at once!


The main ingredients are usually a light meat or fish (like shrimp), then blended with chilli peppers, onions and coconut flakes.


Making the serunding yourself would be a fun way to experiment with different flavours; Give it a try- you'll thank me later.




Nutella Tarts


Nutella tarts are the latest fan-favourite dessert - a scrumptious combination of crunchy crust and oozing nutty chocolate filling!


These heavenly treats make for the perfect post-dinner snack in Singapore or as a mini dessert.


The base is made with delicate and buttery pastry, beautifully baked till its golden brown perfection. Then comes the star of this treat - spoonfuls of creamy, smooth Nutella that graciously fills up the delicious tart.


What's more? You can customize these tarts by adding extra ingredients like crushed nuts, chocolate chips or an assortment of fruit toppings to make it just your own! Prepare for the most pleasing experience you'll ever have in a tart!





This Hari Raya, why not do something different and try a mix of traditional and new favourites? Spice up the festive season by creating a unique blend of flavours derived from classic recipes as well as more modern creations.


It's a great way to honour both the old and the new, allowing you to bring together diverse elements that represent both in turn.


You can make this Hari Raya special in many ways by combining familiar and newly popularised food items. Get creative with your baking or cooking, and try some of these recipes to make an extraordinary Hari Raya!