Where To Buy The Best Tempeh in Singapore



Tempeh could be your perfect culinary partner if you're searching for a plant-based protein source to add a delicious twist to your weekly cheat meal.


This traditional Indonesian food staple is made of fermented soybeans that only require a few simple steps to prepare - but they can do so much for your health and well-being!


Research has shown that tempeh can help lower cholesterol levels and also reduce the risk of heart disease, all while boosting energy. It's also packed with nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and dietary fibre, which helps keep those hunger pangs away, plus vitamins and minerals for overall optimum health.


If you're living in Singapore (or planning on visiting!), here's the lowdown on where to buy the best tempeh in Singapore- so get ready to satisfy all your vegan cravings! Not to mention it's very delicious! So, why not give this tasty superfood a try? Your body will thank you ;)



Traditional Indonesian Restaurants


Tambuah Mas Indonesian Restaurant



Source: Tambuah Mas


Tempe Goreng from Tambuah Mas Indonesian Restaurant is bringing all the heat! These fried soybean cakes are served with a spicy belacan chilli that'll have your tastebuds tingling.


It's the perfect mix of crispy crunch and zesty flavour - whether you like it spicy or not, you won't be disappointed by this Indonesian classic.


The best part is that it's light on the stomach, so you can get back to conquering your day pronto after your delicious meal.


Tambuah Mas has a full menu worth exploring, so if Tempe Goreng isn't right up your alley, there are plenty of other options. Don't miss out on this crazy good dish!



IndoChili Restaurant


Source: Foodpanda


If you're looking for an amazing vegetarian meal packed with flavour, you have to try the tempeh dishes at IndoChili Restaurant.


This traditional Indonesian restaurant offers three different ways to enjoy tempeh: sautéed in stinky beans, as sate tempeh (on skewers), and our favourite - the fried version called Tempeh Goreng.


All of these dishes are savoury, flavorful, and sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.We highly recommend trying out a variety of their tempe dishes - it's guaranteed to become your favourite veggie comfort food in no time!



Nusantara Singapore 


 Source: Time Out


Gado Gado is a vegan protein-packed salad dish from the delightful Nusantara Singapore. If you're looking for a body-friendly meal but still want something flavorful and creative, you've come to the right place!


This salad contains vegetables like cucumbers, pineapple, long beans and boiled potatoes. It doesn't stop there; this finely balanced bowl also throws in some Tempeh and Bean Curd for added nutritional value.


The traditional Gado Gado tastebud experience isn't finished, though—you must top it off with some homemade peanut sauce! Be sure to visit soon and get your hands on this delicious vegan dish.



Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut Restaurant


Source: Foodpanda


Fried tofu and tempe from Pak Ndut Restaurant is the stuff of dreams! Every piece of this delicacy is prepared with utmost care.


The process begins with cutting the tofu and tempeh into small pieces, after which they are soaked in a salty sauce to add flavour. Finally, it is taken to the fryer, where it turns into a golden brown wonder.


If you haven't tried this unique Indonesian dish yet, I guarantee you're missing out on a lot. A meal that satisfies your taste buds and soul - that's Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut for you!



Hipster Cafes


Potato Head Singapore


Source: Daniel Food Diary


The star of the show? The 'forgotten' pickles and the toasted demi brioche bun give this dish a kick. All these ingredients come together perfectly with the added crunch of crushed peanuts - what more could you want?


Next time you dine at this restaurant, don't forget to try out their famous dish - it'll surely keep you coming back!



Crooked Bowls


Source: getcrookedbowls.com


The Tempeh Bowl (V) from Crooked Bowls is the ultimate vegan and gluten-free comfort food. It's made with marinated tempeh, string beans, charred leeks, spicy sambal matah and topped off with fried shallots.


Packed with amazing flavours and textures from all around the world in one bowl! So don't think twice about trying it out-- you won't regret it.


Perfect for lunch or dinner, this bowl will satisfy any cravings you have for something savoury but also light and healthy. Plus, it's an excellent way to spice up your meal routine. Give The Tempeh Bowl (V) a go today!





Angie's Tempeh



Source: Angie's Tempeh


Prepare to take your taste buds on an adventure with Angie's organic Chickpea Tempeh! Made with organic chickpeas, it's a truly natural plant-based protein that is sure to make you swoon.


Not only does it have a delicious nutty flavour when cooked, but its fermented fragrance also smells like a freshly baked baguette - yum!


You can fry, steam or stew it for your favourite meals and explore all the possibilities this healthier alternative brings. What are you waiting for? Give Angie's organic Chickpea Tempeh a try today - your taste buds will thank you later!



Tasty Snack Asia


Have you tried these amazing Yum - original flavoured tempe chips yet?


Made from the traditional Indonesian fermented soybean cake, these preservative-free, gluten-free and transat-free vegan snacks are not only plant protein-packed but also super yummy.


And they are so perfect with your salads and asian dishes! Whether you munch them as they are or dip them in hummus or guac, you'll be getting a flavourful umami nutty snack that makes every bite special.


Trust me, once you've tried them, you won't forget them! So what are you waiting for? Get some of these proteins'licious tempeh chips into your lives now!





In conclusion, tempeh lovers in Singapore are spoilt for choice with the sheer number of options available. Whether you're looking for organic tempeh, pre-marinated tempeh, vegan-friendly options, or just a good ol' classic block of soy-based bean cake - there's something out there for everybody.


In any case, we are sure that your tempeh cravings will be satisfied by searching in the places suggested above. Now, who says veggie party on your plate? Tempeh it up!


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