Looking for a unique and healthy addition to your office event or gathering? Our kombucha live station is the perfect solution. Our team of experts will set up a live  station right in your office, allowing you and your colleagues to enjoy freshly brewed kombucha on the spot. Made with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and brewed with care, our kombucha is both delicious and good for you. Plus, we can customize our offerings to fit your specific needs, whether it's a specific flavor or a particular brewing method. Give your office event a healthy boost with our kombucha live station.
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Indulge in our naturally fermented and long-aged Kombucha, packed with probiotics, enzymes, and Vitamin Bs for a boost of energy and improved digestion. Our commitment to quality extends to our handmade flavourings and syrups, crafted with care from scratch to ensure a delicious and healthy beverage every time. Whether you're hosting a corporate event or simply looking for a healthy beverage option at the office, our Kombucha live station is the perfect choice.

Price per Pax : From $5

GST is not included