Traditional Snacks and Drinks

Step back in time and experience the taste of tradition with our live stations! Our skilled chefs prepare classic dishes using time-honored techniques and authentic ingredients, ensuring that every bite is packed with flavor. From dragon candy, malt candy to teh tarik, we have a wide selection of traditional dishes that will transport you to the heart of the culture. So come and savor the taste of tradition at our live stations, where every dish tells a story.
Experience the delight of indulging in a handmade traditional Chinese sweet known as "Dragon's Whiskers." These delicate wisps of sugar resemble the mythical wisps of a dragon's whiskers. Carefully crafted, the candy is formed into a mesmerizing ring shape, intricately folded again and again until it separates into thousands of fine strands resembling those mystical whiskers. But it doesn't stop there. Inside this confection, you'll discover a delightful surprise Ð a luscious filling of crushed peanuts.
The resonating sound of metal colliding reached your ears from a distance, piquing your curiosity and urging you to investigate further. As you approached, you discovered a man diligently striking his hammer against a chisel. However, instead of unearthing ancient artifacts, he was gleefully shattering an enormous pot filled with delectable candy. This spectacle unfolded before youÑintroducing Ding Ding Candy, one of Singapore's most beloved confections often found at Pasa Malam events. The candy owes its name to the distinctive sound produced during its creation.