Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness with themed live stations supporting the cause. Our event features a vibrant Donut Wall showcasing pink-themed donuts to raise awareness and show solidarity. Delight in Cake Pops and customized cupcakes, all in shades of pink. Support the cause with these meaningful treats at our event.

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Support Breast Cancer Awareness with striking pink-themed stations.

Delightful and diverse flavors, honoring Breast Cancer Awareness.

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Donut Wall
Our donut wall holds a special place in our hearts - it was one of the first quirky ideas we brought to life as a unique catering team. These donut walls are perfect for any event, whether it's a cozy breakfast, a little party at home, a fancy high tea, a wedding, a work event, or even a big gathering. They bring smiles and a bit of extra joy to any occasion!

Includes: A donut wall petite or regular-sized rental (charge per quantity)
Options: Regular Donut Wall - Wall size 90x100cm, Holds 35-70 donuts, Includes custom logo or text. Petite Donut Wall - Wall size 50x70cm, Holds 12-24 donuts, Includes custom logo or text.
Add-on beverages available - Hot Local Coffee Dispenser, Hot Local Tea Dispenser, Assorted Canned Drinks 330ml, and more.
Setup: Includes biodegradable cutleries and napkins.
Delivery: Inclusive of package

Requirement: 7-day lead time required. 1m x 1m space required for Regular Donut Wall, 70cm x 70cm space for Petite Donut Wall. Surcharges apply for venues with no lift and setups for more than one area on the same floor of the building.

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Min. 60 donuts


*Contact us for more details & customisations. Prices may vary.

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Cake Pops

Indulge in the delightful world of Cake Pops at our live station, featuring individually packed treats. These delectable sweets come in flavors like Red Velvet, Vanilla, and Chocolate, offering a variety of options with color choices ranging from White to Brown. Our setup includes a stand holding up to 32 cake pops, available upon request to add a touch of whimsy to your event. Perfect for guests to grab and enjoy, these Cake Pops promise a burst of flavor in every bite, making them an irresistible addition to any occasion.

Includes: Cake pops that are individually packed.
Flavours: Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate.
Options: White, Pink, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Violet, Brown.
Setup: Stand holds up to 32 cake pops. Available upon request.

Requirement: Refrigerate and keep for up to 3 days. They can be left in cold aircon temperatures of 18°C - 20°C up to 4hrs.

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Min. 32 servings


*Contact us for more details & customisations. Prices may vary.

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Pre-packed Customised Cupcakes

Indulge in our Halal-certified custom cupcakes, perfect for any event. Complete with setup, serving staff, and disposables, we ensure a convenient experience. Our flexible delivery caters to dietary needs, adding elegance and satisfaction to your celebrations.

Includes: Individual cupcakes packed in a white box with a see-through window. 5.5cm in diameter. Customized artwork on the edible icing on top. Suitable for corporate door gifts, each cupcake is regular size. (charge per quantity)
Flavours: Lychee Rose Cupcakes, Belgian Chocolate Cupcakes, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Cupcakes. Choose Fondant or Cream toppings for designs.
Others: 3 sizes of cupcakes. Can do different cookie designs. Opt for other options - Macarons, Cakes, Tartlets or Quiche, and Dessert Shooters.
Setup: Full setup. 1-2 serving staff. Basic table styling. Inclusive of disposable plates, cutlery, and napkins.
Delivery: 8am-1pm OR 1-8pm. $80. Any order with collection timing later than 10pm will have a $190 surcharge.
Dietary Notes: All options might contain allergens such as nuts and eggs.

Requirements: Refrigerate upon receiving and consume within 3 days.

details & quotation

Min. 30 servings


*Contact us for more details & customisations. Prices may vary.

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Have a project in mind? Submit your inquiry below and we will get back ASAP!

Have a project in mind? Submit your inquiry below and we will get back ASAP!


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