st patricks day

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with our themed live stations, immersing guests in the essence of the Irish festivities. Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere filled with the spirit of joy, camaraderie, and a touch of Irish luck. Raise a glass and savor the lively ambiance as you partake in the festivities that pay homage to this beloved cultural celebration.

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Immerse in Irish festivities with themed live stations and camaraderie.

Raise a toast and enjoy the vibrant spirit of St. Patrick's Day.

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Lucky Cookies

Our customised cookies make ideal door gifts or party favors, individually packed with fondant wording indents. Choose up to three colors with one-third of the total quantity per color, and enhance your order with exceptional add-ons.

Includes: Customised door gifts cookies (charge per serving)
Options: Choose up to 3 colours - Red, Pink, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Violet, Brown, Grey (1/3 of total quantity per colour unless otherwise stated)
Design: Wording indent max 3 words, 6 letters per line.

Requirements: Cookies can be kept for up to 3 days at room temperature, or 1 week in the fridge. You can put the packets in an airtight container to keep them crisp.

details & quotation

Min. 100 pax


*Contact us for more details & customisations. Prices may vary.

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Leprechaun Cupcakes

Entice your guests with the Cupcake Bar, offering customised cupcakes and macarons for a delightful treat. Choose from three cupcake sizes and personalize with branded fondant designs. Opt for 1-2 staff members for seamless service.

Includes: Customised cupcakes and macarons on a trolley for serving.
Others: 3 sizes of cupcakes. Customise branding on fondant design for cupcake & macarons
Setup: 1-2 serving staff available upon request.
Delivery: 8am-1pm OR 1-8pm. $80. Any order with collection timing later than 10pm will have a $190 surcharge.
Dietary Notes: All options might contain allergens such as nuts and eggs.

Requirements: Refrigerate upon receiving and consume within 3 days.

details & quotation

Min. 30 pax


*Contact us for more details & customisations. Prices may vary.

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Matcha Tea Bar
Elevate your corporate events or product launches with our progressive Mobile Tea Bar experience. Our tearista crafts a variety of beverages from whisked Tea Lattes to floral blends, accompanied by our signature soft serve and small savory bites at your venue.

Includes: Mobile tea bar with up to x4 iced and/or hot drink options.
Options: Freshly whisked Ice Tea Lattes - Matcha Milk and Houjicha Milk. Freshly dripped hot artisanal te - Black Yuzu, Momo Sencha (Japanese Peach), Sakura Spring (Sakura + Rose + Green Tea), Lavender Yuzu Houjicha, Uji Sencha (Green Tea), Uji Houjicha (Roasted Green Tea), Shizuoka Genmaicha (Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice), Tokyo Breakfast Tea (Black Tea), Royal Earl Grey, Botanical Chamomile. Customisation of stickers for cups are available upon request.
Setup: Full setup and service staff available upon request.

Requirements: A water source is needed. 2x 13AMP electric point must be provided (for hot floral tea).

details & quotation

Min. 1 hour, 100 pax


*Contact us for more details & customisations. Prices may vary.

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Green Kombucha
Indulge in our naturally fermented and long-aged Kombucha, packed with probiotics, enzymes, and Vitamin Bs for a boost of energy and improved digestion. Our commitment to quality extends to our handmade flavourings and syrups, crafted with care from scratch to ensure a delicious and healthy beverage every time. Whether you're hosting a corporate event or simply looking for a healthy beverage option at the office, our Kombucha live station is the perfect choice.

Includes: Kombucha live station with kegerator dispenser and x3 drink options.
Options: Blue Spirulina, Raspberry Rose, Strawberry Mint, Passionfruit, Lemongrass Tumeric Ginger, Green Apple Cucumber, Pineapple Orange.
Setup: Full setup included. 1 Service staff. Biodegradable straws provided.

Requirements: 1x13A plug using a normal socket for kegerator.

details & quotation

Min. 2 hours


*Contact us for more details & customisations. Prices may vary.

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Drinks And Bar Bites

Our menu features an array of choices from the crowd-pleasing Signature Wings and local specialties to hearty main dishes and savory canapés. Ensure everyone's glass is filled with our extensive bar selection offering unlimited soft drinks, juices, house wines, spirits, and draft beers like Tiger and Heineken. Enhance your event with our tempting bar bite options including Buffalo wings, Soy-glazed wings, assorted gourmet sausages, Fish otah toasties, and Crispy tako tentacles, all available upon request to complement your beverage choices perfectly.

Includes: Free-flow draft beers (Tiger or Heineken), house wines (red and white), juices (apple, lime, orange), soft drinks (coke, coke light, sprite, ginger ale).
Options: Bar bites such as Buffalo wings, Soy-glazed wings, Italian pork sausage, Chicken cheese sausage, Fish otah toasties, Crispy tako tentacles and more available upon request.

Setup: Full setup and delivery are available upon request.

details & quotation

Min. 30 pax, 2 hours


*Contact us for more details & customisations. Prices may vary.

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Salad Harvesting

Experience the freshness of salad harvesting with our unique pop-up installation of an indoor veggie farm. This immersive setup allows you to see and taste the difference of freshly grown greens right before your eyes. Led by specialists, our harvesting workshop guides you through the process of picking the juiciest, most vibrant vegetables, ensuring your salad is as fresh and flavorful as possible. Enjoy the unparalleled taste and nutritional benefits of just-harvested greens, making your salad a delightful and healthy culinary experience.

Includes: Pop-up veggie installation and a harvesting workshop which includes 40 mature leafy greens and 30 seedlings to employees to take home.
Options: Additional seedlings can be provided upon request.
Setup: Full setup. 1 service staff. 

Requirements: Table and space for setup is required.

details & quotation

Min. 30 pax


*Contact us for more details & customisations. Prices may vary.

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Have a project in mind? Submit your inquiry below and we will get back ASAP!

Have a project in mind? Submit your inquiry below and we will get back ASAP!


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