Takoyaki is a beloved Japanese street food featuring crispy, golden balls filled with tender octopus, pickled ginger, and green onions. These savory delights are cooked in a special pan to achieve their signature round shape and delightful texture. Drizzled with a sweet and savory sauce, mayonnaise, and bonito flakes, takoyaki offers a flavorful and satisfying snack experience that captures the essence of Japan's vibrant street food scene.

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Savor the authentic taste of Japan.

Immerse in the savory goodness of crispy Takoyaki bites.

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Indulge in the savory delights of our Takoyaki Live Station at your event, featuring delicious Chicken Sausage and Sotong (squid) Takoyaki. Each serving offers delightful takoyaki filled with a flavorful mix of chicken sausage and tender sotong, cooked to perfection in a crispy, golden-brown exterior. Accompanied by traditional toppings such as Bonito Flakes, Seaweed, Mayo, and Fish sauce, this live station promises a mouthwatering experience for your guests. This takoyaki station is the perfect addition to any event seeking a taste of authentic Japanese street food.

Includes: Chicken Sausage and Sotong Takoyaki live station. x2 Takoyaki per serving.
Others: Bonito Flakes & Seaweed toppings provided. Mayo & Fish sauce provided.
Setup: Full setup included. 2 Service staff. Delivery and setup included. Extension cord. Cup provided.

13AMP direct power plug. 2.4M (Length) & 1M (Width) space required.

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Min. 2 hours, 180 servings


*Contact us for more details & customisations. Prices may vary.

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Have a project in mind? Submit your inquiry below and we will get back ASAP!

Have a project in mind? Submit your inquiry below and we will get back ASAP!


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