Unique Bubble Tea Options

Price per Pax : From $5 (GST not included)

We take pride in our commitment to quality. Our freshly brewed teas and consistently chewy pearls are a testament to this dedication. As specialists in catering for large events, such as convention centers, we are able to tailor our offerings to meet your specific requirements. Whether you want to surprise your guests with unique flavors or need to accommodate special dietary needs, our team is here to help.

What's Included

Up to 2 bubble tea flavours (non-premium), includes black pearls

Presentation: Full set up provided.
Comes with 360 ml cups
Duration: 2hrs service for minimum spend of 100 pax
Delivery: 10am-7pm. Outside these timing $30 per hr applies

Customisable sugar levels
Customisable stickers on cups (in 4cm x 4cm round, white-based sticker)

1-2 Manpower

* Will require a space of 2mx2m
* Do not require any electrical points to operate
* transport/loading of premise does not have a ramp a surcharge of $100 applies