12 Healthy Snacks That You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight

Snacking gets a bad rap, but it can actually help you maintain a healthy weight—and even lose weight—as long as you pay attention to the types of foods you snack on and make smart choices.

Eating smaller meals and snacks about every three hours or so can help maintain more stable blood sugar levels throughout the day. And, it can help you avoid extreme hunger so you don’t overeat at lunch or dinner.  It's time we relieve you from your diet stress with these bussin' healthy snacks to meet your eat clean goals.


Gluten-free Snacks

Tasty Snack Asia - Healthy Foods in Singapore -Healthy Snacks - Gluten-free Snacks

Going gluten-free, whether as part of your new diet regime or medical necessity, is never simple. Those with conditions like celiac disease or gluten sensitivity should avoid gluten to prevent adverse health effects. Luckily, there are plenty of gluten-free snack options at Tasty Snack you can consume while on a gluten free diet.

The team at Tasty Snack has curated amazingly delicious gluten-free snacks such as Human Bean Co.'s Pizza Flavoured Faba Beans, Cresc Bites Sweet & Spicy Sweet Potato Chips and Greenday Crispy Peach. These are some of the many gluten-free snacks that our team constantly raves about.


Keto-friendly Snacks

Tasty Snack Asia - Healthy Foods in Singapore - Healthy Snacks - Keto-Friendly Snacks

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein and very low carbohydrate diet. While the diet is increasingly popular these days, it can be challenging to decide which foods to eat while still on your Keto diet. We've rounded up some Keto-friendly snacks for you when you are feeling peckish.

Here are a variety of keto-friendly snacks available at Tasty Snack for your snacking pleasure. From Bitemeat Mighty Chilli Biltong, Setempe Dendeng Balado and Bruneus Activated Walnuts And Cocoa Nibs. It's safe to say staying on the course of your diet while snacking is not as challenging as you thought it will be.


Organic Snacks

Tasty Snack Asia - Healthy Foods in Singapore - Healthy Snacks - Organic Snacks

Most of our neighbourhood supermarkets are well-stocked with an array of organic snacks. Here's a roundup of unique certified organic snacks that aren't commonly found in the supermarkets but are worthy of stocking in the pantry, and perfect for school lunches, on-the-go snacking or anytime a snack attack hits.

Go on, treat yourself to high quality organic snacks that are additive free and allergen free. Enjoy Pukka's Organic Three Chamomile Herbal Tea paired up with The Edible Co.'s Organic Honey Cookies or even cuddle up and snack on Naked's Organic Sun Dried Apricots while bingeing Netflix top 10.


Snacks 100 Calories & Under

Tasty Snack Asia - Healthy Foods in Singapore - Healthy Snacks - 100 Calories Snacks

While it's common to suffer from the afternoon tummy rumble, it is sometimes difficult to satisfy mid day cravings especially when you need to boost your morale at work. Instead of feeding on empty calories, why not try low calorie snacks in Singapore instead?

The next time hunger creeps in and it's close to snack o'clock, have a bite of Dan's Dark Chocolate Brownies or Cresc Bites' Sweet Pandan Coconut Chips or Yum's Emping Chips. These snacks are 100 calories per serving, which fits your perfect snacking criteria!


Starting your healthy journey is not as challenging as it may seem. You can always count on this healthy snack list to satisfy your cravings without any guilt.