Take Better Care of Yourself This International Women's Day

With the ever-changing safety measures and the on-again off-again working arrangement, it's hard not to get overwhelmed with the uncertainty. After two years of adapting from one COVID variant to another, the situation has definitely left people on edge.

While it's sometimes challenging to keep a calm mind and balanced overall well being, you can try to incorporate the practice of mindfulness and wellness into your day. Here are some ways for you to take better care of yourself.


Pamper Yourself

Tasty Snack Asia - International Women's Day - Wellness - Pamper Gifts Pukka Chamomille Tea & Charlie's CO.

Studies have revealed that one in three adults are mentally affected due to the current geo-political risks and COVID 19 climate. When it comes to mental health, self-care can help better manage stress, increase productivity and lower your risks of illness. Self care can be as simple as taking an extra 15 minutes to take a walk or even catching up on sleep without feeling guilty.

Plan some time in the day to read a book that you've been wanting to catch up on and enjoy a cup of Pukka's Chamomile Herbal Tea while at it. Pair it with Charlie's Fine Foods' Raspberry Biscuits to complete the experience. Pamper yourself with unique snacks and popular beverages because you deserve it.


Transform Your Diet

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The food we eat and the source for where it comes from affects our health and wellness. Plant-based offerings are increasingly becoming a health trend amongst consumers who seek to transform their diet and cater more and more to healthy food. If wellness is what you seek, consumption of almond milk helps add extra nutrients with a swig of good health to your daily diet.

Naturally high in Vitamin E, a disease fighting antioxidant, Mohjo's almond milk is made fresh daily from Australian Almonds, Iranian Dates and Himalayan Salt, Mohjo's Almond milks tick all of the checkboxes. Not only is it yummy, it is also a milk alternative for lactose intolerant and is better for the planet.


Relieve Anxiety And Stress

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With all that is going on in your life, you can get drowned by stress and your anxiety. Meditation sharpens your attention, increases tolerance to stress and helps you empathise with others more. Allocate time in a week or a day, to provide yourself a silent retreat.

Tasty Snack has curated a Wellness Gift Box complete with a Wellness Retreat Plan for you. The plan includes schedules and tips for you to disconnect to reconnect, in order to gain clarity and focus. Enjoy a sharper and calmer you while enjoying bites and sips filled in this gift box.


Boost Your Moods

Tasty Snack Asia - International Women's Day - Wellness - Zenn Wellness Essential Oil for Massage

Massage therapy has always been closely associated as a component of a wellness program. Apart from the usual tension reduction and clearing of knots, it is also known to help relax your body and mind; and evoke a feeling of calmness.

Elevate your massage experience with aromatherapy. Zenn Wellness essential oils aims to provide products which are not only good for the body but also the mind. You can expect a deeper state of relaxation when using their essential oils.


Treat yourself and your loved ones with the above ideas that promote relaxation and mindfulness.