3 Simple Steps To Build A 100% Customised Birthday Gift Box

We know you've been googling "Gift Box Singapore" and have been flooded by the standard options available or drowned by the DIY Exploding Box as a gift box idea. The struggle of finding the perfect birthday gift box online is real and you can't help but to create a personalised one curated by yours truly.

We made gifting simpler for you with 3 easy steps (4, if you're feeling fancy). It's so simple, you can create them yourself or use Tasty Snack's Build A Gift Box.


Step 1: Pick A Box Design

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With so many box options, how do you create a unique care package for Birthday's and all other occasions? But before you do that! It'll be easier once you know the recipient's favourite colour and type of gifts you would like to add to the gift box.

We've added 4 box options for you to choose from in our Build A Gift Box feature, whether you're looking for a sustainable gift box made from 100% recyclable material or a luxury option for a fancier feel, we got them for you!


Step 2: Fill with Gifts

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You can ask them what they want, well, count yourself lucky if they tell you exactly what they want. If not, it's your time to shine. Add their go-to drink, gadget that they so need or even their favourite snack while scrolling through TikTok.

Looking for Healthy Snacks, Halal Snacks or even Unique Asian Snacks? You name it, we got it. Explore our wide range of snacks and beverages. You can find so much variety and great offers and more at Tasty Snack Asia.


Step 3: Spruce it Up

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Now that you've got the essentials in the box. It's time to spruce the whole look of it. Add some coloured shredded paper or paper tissues to elevate your recipient's unboxing experience.

With 5 different coloured shredded paper options added into our list of add ons. Apart from the beautiful aesthetics, the shredded paper acts as a cushion for the products to avoid breakage and shifting.


**Bonus** Step 4: Include Your Message

Tasty Snack Asia - Gift Box Companies Singapore - Greeting Card Message


There's nothing better than receiving a heartfelt message from a friend or loved one. If your recipient is a memory hoarder, adding a greeting card is a requirement.

Browse over 10 uniquely designed cards, suitable for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, farewells, mother’s day, father’s day, graduation and other important milestones. Insert your messages and we'll handwrite your messages to make your gift more personal.

Show off your gift, let your colleague, friends or loved ones know how much you care about them with the products filled. Have a hectic schedule? Let Tasty Snack do all the packing and delivery for you with our Build A Gift Box feature. Gifting has never been easier especially when you are create on brand 100% customizable snack box from Singapore