8 Best Sustainable Snack and Beverage Brands That Are Good For You

Nowadays, it seems like everything including snacks needs a sustainable makeover. With the explosive growth of snack variety, comes an increase in socially-conscious snackers. We're constantly on the lookout for eco-friendly snacks and beverages that are produced and packaged responsibly and sustainably, and we know you are too!

Looking for a snack or beverage brand to create a positive impact? Here are 8 recommended brands that are good for you and better for mother earth.


First™ Water

Tasty Snack Asia - Sustainable Development Goals - First Water

As of 2020, over 2 billion people lack safely managed drinking water and 785 million people lack basic access to clean and safe drinking water. First™ Water strives to provide solutions to help reduce clean water shortages in communities facing difficulties obtaining life-sustaining clean water and reducing the single-use plastic crisis.

First™ Water comes in 100% infinitely recyclable and eco-friendly aluminium cans. It helps create a more sustainable world by providing a less impacting alternative to single-use plastic bottles. Moreover, 50% of all profits from First™ Water go directly to charities that are 100% focused on providing clean water to those in need.


Border Biscuits

Tasty Snack Asia - Sustainable Development Goals - Border Biscuits

Border made caring a key ingredient for their delicious cookies. The team is dedicated to supporting local community causes and donates 10% of their profits to local community causes every year via Border Community Support.

In 2019, they removed 90% of plastic from their core retail range and saved 537 tonnes of CO₂e per year and removed 2 tonnes of plastic from their retail range in 2022 to achieve their sustainable development goals. Their Mini Pack Cookies are fully recyclable and are available here!


East Bali Cashews

Tasty Snack Asia - Sustainable Development Goals - East Bali Cashews


Cashew shells may seem like a byproduct overlooked by many as compared to cashews themselves. Believe it or not, cashew sells are an important part of their business. From, powering the steaming and drying process of the cashews, to distributing the resulting ashes to farmers to use as fertilisers.

Apart from their innovative, carbon-neutral technology and practices to provide minimal waste, East Bali Cashew's Garlic Pepper Nut is one of the halal snacks available. As the business grows and succeeds, they expand their social impact by ensuring their community can learn, innovate and thrive.



Tasty Snack Asia - Sustainable Development Goals - Nibblish


Environmental sustainability is a big part of life. The sad truth of food production is that it uses a lot of water. Nibblish recycles their water each day from rainfall and water used after cleaning of fruits. They clean it, store it and reuse it each day. On top of that, they use leftover fruits to power the next crop. Their fruits are grown in a region with lots of sun, hence, they have rooftop solar gardens to provide almost all the power they need.

Apart from their efforts for biogas and solar power, they are big in honest trading which means supporting the communities with fair wages and investing in their success. Nibblish offers a range of healthy snacks like baked, cranberry, mango and strawberry. A brand not only good for your body but for the environment too.



Tasty Snack Asia - Sustainable Development Goals - Krakakoa


Krakakoa’s mission for working directly with their farmers to receive education on best cacao bean farming practices and fair pay is paramount to their success as a small chocolate company. Krakakoa saw the need to provide farmers with training and better prices to increase the quality, quantity and sustainability of their production.

As Krakakoa champions sustainable agriculture, we can't help but to rave about their artisanal chocolates of many unique flavours. Explore the world of chocolates with Halal Certifed and vegan Krakakoa Arenga 85% Dark Chocolate and many more at Tasty Snack.  



Re- Foods

Tasty Snack Asia - Sustainable Development Goals - Re- Foods


Re- Foods is a Singapore startup aimed at reaching conscious consumers who want to fuel their bodies with food that is good for them and the planet. With almonds grown in Australian orchards that run on 75% renewable energy and cashews grown by farmers who were trained in organic farming techniques, they create better tasting food and also a better world for the next generation to enjoy.

They don't process their ingredients much, or add artificial flavours and preservatives either. It is as authentic as it comes, packed in 100% recyclable packaging for a healthier you and a healthier planet.



Zenko Superfoods

Tasty Snack Asia - Sustainable Development Goals - Zenko


Zenko is a Singapore-based snack company that explores the world for new superfoods and transforms them into healthy snacks. They work directly with local farmers in their seed-to-snack model to create conscious, nutritious and delicious snacks.

Not only is Zenko offering fair wages to farmers in India, Zenko Water Lily Pops Dark Chocolate are vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free which is perfect for almost all diets. It is definitely one of the healthier alternative popcorn snacks Singapore has to offer.




Tasty Snack Asia - Sustainable Development Goals - Dash Water


In the United Kingdom (UK), up to 40% of fruits and vegetables grown goes to waste, an alarming statistic that is at the forefront of Dash's mind. At Dash, they judge their ingredients on taste alone, doing their bit to cut food waste by saying yes to bumped, curved, broken or squashed produce that others say no to.

Packed in a recycled aluminium can (and also glass bottles), it also helps tackle the single-use plastic issue. No calories, no sweetener and no sugar, Dash's sparkling water is naturally infused with real, "wonky" fruit. A perfect beverage to go along with your snack box.


While the thought of searching for sustainable food might be daunting, we've made it easier and convenient for you with this list. Found any interesting snack you would like us to try? Drop us a DM on Tasty Snack Asia's Facebook or Instagram.