3 Unique Must Try Snacks From Thailand

The land of scrumptious, mouth-watering food, Thailand is our favourite food haven destination. Strolling through rows of stalls, Thailand’s street food culture is world-class. Just thinking of the sweet fragrance of mango sticky rice and the tangy spice of tom yum makes our growl in hunger.

In many ways, the novelty of Thai food and flavours has made its way through its god-sent snack selection of not just local flavours, but also unique snacks by internationally renown brands only found there. Oof where do we begin!


1. Thai Lay’s Potato Chips

Tasty Snack Asia - Lay’s Potato Chips - Hot Chili Squid


Although Lay’s is not a Thai snack brand, you will be surprised with the number of Thailand exclusive Lay’s potato chip flavours that are available there. We absolutely love that there are interesting potato chips inspired by the local Thai cuisines like Hot Chili Squid, 2n1 Grilled Shrimps with Seafood Sauce and the 3n1 Salmon Chilli Lime. Apart from that, Thai Lay’s has also came up with a Salted Egg flavour, Truffle, Spicy Korean Ramen and Heinz Mayonnaise and Ketchup flavoured chips.

To really know what you are missing out on, you gotta try them all. You are welcome, full selection available here at Best Asian Snacks


2. Thai Glico Pretz

Tasty Snack Asia - Thai Glico Pretz - Pretz Larb flavour


A household brand, every Asian child would have grown up snacking on Glico Pretz. I'm sure Snackmates that you are familiar with BBQ and Pizza flavoured Pretz, but have you heard of Tom Yum Kung and Larb Pretz Sticks - I bet not! Infused with local spices and seasoning, these crunchy biscuit sticks are filled to the brim with that recognisable palette of sweet, spicy, sour and grilled taste that will satisfy all Thai food cravings you might have.

At Tasty Snack we have up to 5 amazing Pretz flavours for you to choose from. Pretz Larb flavour reminds you of fresh herbs, lime and roasted rice/ Whereas Prtez Tom Yum Kung flavour has an intensely spicy and sour flavour profile that will make you crave Tom Yum Soup.


3. Thai Glico Pocky

Tasty Snack Asia - Thai Glico Pocky - Pocky Mango sticks


Last but not least, Glico Pocky needs no introduction and yet again the only country in South-East Asia that you would find their own local flavoured wrapped into this international snack brand will definitely be in Thailand. We found two very special edition sweet biscuit sticks in the Mango and Nutty Almond Pocky flavours. Taste wise they are mind-blowing to say the least, the mango pocky stick is not just sweet, but fruity fresh and the nutty almond is like peanut butter spread on biscuit - we love them both!

Pocky mango sticks are halal certified and the entire biscuit stick is covered with he fruity flavour of mangoes in a smooth, white chocolate cream. An amazing flavour not to be missed!


Thailand snacks are really a wonder to behold and we've only introduced the tip of the iceberg to you with these top 3 unique snacks to try from Thailand. Keep with us as we have more snacks to unveil soon. While you dream of other amazing thai flavoured corn ships and sweet potato chips, amongst our recommendations. Purchase these Thai snacks for yourself or for your friends try and let us know what you think!