Must Buy Edible Singapore Souvenirs



Welcome to Singapore Snackmates! Where the sun shines bright and the food aplenty. Looking for Singapore souvenirs to commemorate your trip or looking for uniquely Singapore gifts for overseas friends and family? Look no further because the best Singapore souvenirs are just a snack away. Apart form easter beef jerky, or what locals would call "ba kwa" and pineapple tarts that can be purchased at the airport for gift souvenirs. We would like to recommend these amazing edible gift souvenirs that your friends and family will love.

Made with love and inspired by Singapore food and flavours, these yummy Singapore local snacks has no boundaries when it comes to what we can munch and crunch on, and it make us so very proud of the little red dot we call home.



1. Crusty Chicken Rice Potato Chips


Tasty Snack Asia - Crusty - Chicken Rice Potato Chips

 Image Credit: Crusty's Website


Chicken rice is a big thing in Singapore as it is considered one of Singapore national treasures. Have it roasted or white, Chicken rice is a dish that is loved by one and all. Taking away a packet of chicken rice on your flight home may not be feasible, but this bag of fragrant Chicken rice potato chips by the local brant Crusty come pretty close to the real thing!



2. Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin


Tasty Snack Asia - Irvins - Salted Egg Fish Skin

 Image Credit: Irvins Website


Irvins definitely needs no introduction here as the Irvins salted egg fish skin and potato chip series has taken the world by storm. Long queues and empty shelves, we see our fellow snackmates carrying bags of Irvins on the plane when they leave Singapore as souvenirs. Did you know that even Nicki Minaj shared on social media that Irvins is her favourite snack. Addictive, yes for sure!



3. Golden Duck Chili Crab Seaweed Tempura 


Tasty Snack Asia - Golden Duck - Chili Crab Seaweed Tempura Image Credit: Golden Duck Website


A national treasure, Chili Crab is a uniquely Singaporean dish that even the famous Gordon Ramsey tried to learn and master on his last visit to Singapore. With the spicy flavours of the chili crab waffling through the crispy crunch of the thin tempura seaweed snack, it is indeed the best snack Singapore period!


4. Fupi Laksa Flavour Beancurd Chips


Tasty Snack Asia - Fupi - Laksa Flavour Beancurd Chips

 Image Credit: Fupi Website


The orgins of Laksa came from Singapore's position as a melting pot of cultures. Laksa is a typical serving of Peranakan-style, spicy coconut soup base seafood noodle dish. If you are on a food trail in Singapore, this dish, especially the famous 328 Katong Laksa will be on every list. Fupi launched this special snack flavour at the Singapore Food Festival in 2021 and it's been a hit ever since!



5. The Kettle Gourmet Pulut Hitam Popcorn


Tasty Snack Asia - The Kettle Gourmet - Pulut Hitam

 Image Credit: The Kettle Gourmet Website



Probably not as common as the others is this rustic desert pudding made with black glutinous rice and sweetened with palm sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves. Made to be eaten hot, the warm comforting flavours have now been infused into The Kettle Gourmet's series of popcorn with Singapore flavours. Apart from Pulut Hitam, The Kettle Gourmet also has Kaya Butter Popcorn, Chicken Floss Popcorn and even Nasi Lemak Popcorn!



6. Snap Snap Cocoa Dinosuar Crunchy Butter Cookies


Tasty Snack Asia - Snap Snap - Cocoa Dinosaur Crunchy Butter Cookies

 Image Credit: Snap Snap Website


Have you ever been to one of Singapore's many Hawker centres and find yourself perplexed by the number of coffee and tea variations. We know Singaporeans over complicate things sometimes, but you gotta award them for the best drink innovations. Milo Dinosaur is a malt chocolate drink that has a massive scoop of Milo power as a topping. Playing on this wonderful local drink, Snap Snap has came up with buttery milo dinosaur cookies that leave you wanting more. Sweet, rich and crunchy, these cookies are a Singaporean snack that is definitely under the radar and is a must buy!


So now you have all the popular snacks in Singapore at your fingertips. Light portable and full of Singapore's culture in a nutshell, these snacks really make the very best edible Singapore souvenirs you could find. Select our gift box and greet card options on your way to our checkout and we'll have the box delivered to you/or your friends in no time!