4 Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day With The Team

Employee Appreciation Day and International Women's Day are coming up on the 4 & 8 March respectively. With these celebrations happening so close, we can't help but to marry these two events together.

It's about time to honour the achievements of women and raise awareness of the importance of celebrating the hard work and success of your female colleagues. Here are some creative ways to celebrate the females in your organisation.


Support Women-led Businesses

Tasty Snack Asia - International Women's Day - Employee Appreciation Day - Support Women - Mohjo and Zenn Wellness

Starting a business is not easy and it is even more challenging for female entrepreneurs. Despite that, we have witnessed many boss babes breaking the mould and embarking on their own to start their own. Gift your employees a gift by women-led businesses and show them how to create strategic partnerships with these businesses. By supporting these women led businesses, you are also helping them grow their start ups at the same time.

This International Women's Day, Tasty Snack collaborates with female founded businesses for our Snack Queens and Snackmates. Indulge in the taste of creamy vegan Almond Milk from Mohjo or even relax and enjoy better sleep with Essential Oils from Zenn Wellness. Browse our Women's Wellness catalogue for a perfect back to office gift.


Surprise Them With A Curated Gift Box

Tasty Snack Asia - International Women's Day - Employee Appreciation Day - Gift Boxes

Gift your employees a curated gift box themed to the occasion. Place them on your employees' desks for a surprise. Select gifts based on your office's favourites and also products by female founded brands.

If you're caught up with work and commitments, we've got your back. Tasty Snack have curated gift boxes fit for the occasion. We got a perfect Employee Appreciation Gift Box and International Women's Day Gift Box for you to check out. Need a little something special? Have a chat with our team at Tasty Snack for that perfect gift box delivery in Singapore.


Host A Virtual Celebratory Lunch

Tasty Snack Asia - International Women's Day - Employee's Appreciation Day - Virtual Lunch

Whether they're on team A or B, we are sure some of your employees are missing their office besties. The usual "What's for lunch?" is one of the hot topics when the clock strikes 11. Plan a virtual celebratory lunch so that they won't have to worry about what to eat for their break and have a muk-bang session with your team. It will almost feel like a lunch break back in 2019.

Skip the shortlisting of catering for the lunch celebration. Boost your staff morale and commemorate Women's Day with hassle-free catering selection. Tasty Snack does the homework for you and what's left for you is to choose and be present. Find out more about Tasty Snack's Catering service here.


A Simple Thank You

Tasty Snack Asia - International Women's Day - Employee's Appreciation Day - Thank You Note

A heartfelt thank you goes a long way. The simple gesture of a thank you note can help your employee feel appreciated. Dive deeper and thank your female employees who are juggling their lives as a mother, sister, single-parent or even battling their struggles as a woman.


Help women embrace their power to be their absolute best! Before you proceed to celebrate others, celebrate yourself first, think about what's your definition of success. At Tasty Snack, we feel so lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing group of individuals who show up every single day to transform lives and make a difference in the world. We can't wait to hear you stories, email us at askus@tastysnack.asia if you want your story to be told.