Women Entrepreneurs Who Forged Their Own Paths In Singapore

Starting up is not a walk in a park, but it can be especially challenging for female entrepreneurs. From balancing responsibilities, facing limited fundings to experiencing unfavorable business environments, these are one of the few major challenges that women face in business mentioned in Forbes. However, despite these flags of hurdles, more women are starting businesses, pushing boundaries and breaking glass ceilings.

This International Women’s Day, we invite female founders to share about where they draw their inspiration, the highs and lows as women entrepreneurs, and their advice to other aspiring boss babes.


Zhen Fang Choy, Co-Founder, Zenn Wellness

Tasty Snack Asia - International Women Day - Zenn Wellness - Zhen Fang Choy

There are some women-led businesses that sparked from personal experiences and Zenn Wellness shares the same. At a time when founder, Zhen Fang Choy, was under immense stressed during her pregnancy, she was determined to search for remedies and medications that are harmless for the body and mind. She explored how essential oils could enhance her sessions as a sports massage therapist.

"As a sports massage therapist by profession, I created the Recover blend for my patients to alleviate muscle spasms. My mother in law has since stopped using Voltaren, an analgesic gel for her arthritic discomforts in lieu of Recover, a fully natural essential oil solution that I've blended."


Tasty Snack Asia - International Women Day - Zenn Wellness - Essential Oil

Born out of a passion project to help people create a safe environment through essential oils to rest and recover, Zhen Fang surrounds her entrepreneurship journey with other like-minded women who have gone through and walked the paths before her and an encouraging husband who helps her evolve and grow as a woman in business.

"The positives of my experience in Zenn Wellness would be feeling empowered knowing that the products that we create have helped not only myself but family, friends and my patients. Knowing that their quality of life is improved as they feel well rested and are rejuvenated."

With her journey as mother and a female entrepreneur, we can't help but to ask her "What advice would she give to her 20 year old self?".

"Gain as much experience as you can in whatever job that you land. Along the way, try different things, meet like-minded people, find out what your passion is and just enjoy the process. Go forth and be courageous- you never know what lies behind that door."


Juhi Dang, Founder, Mohjo

Tasty Snack Asia - International Women Day - Mohjo - Juhi Dang

Inspired while strolling down shopping aisles in Singapore and reading nutrition labels, Juhi, founder of Mohjo, found it challenging to find nutritious almond milk in supermarkets, specialty groceries and vegan stores. She spent months working with food scientists to make fresh, clean, additives-free, tasty and healthy almond milk for Singaporeans.

"My goal was to discover the secret to making plant milk tasty, and good for the planet and for the person drinking it. Most food experts said it could not be done. But I refused to let these obstacles stand in my way."


Tasty Snack Asia - International Women Day - Mohjo - Almond Milk

Focused on making nutritious, clean and delicious products that are also planet-friendly, Juhi finds it very rewarding to be able to help people feel good about the food they eat every day.

"As a woman, I can empathise with the frustration we all feel when shopping for groceries for the household. We want stuff that is delicious but also clean and healthy. So it takes a lot of work to cut through the clutter to find good products. Through mohjo, I believe we are helping to reduce that stress."

Having a balanced work-life can be a challenge for any entrepreneur. While promoting a healthy lifestyle, the founder of Mohjo, found herself putting her health and mental wellness at the backseat. However, she is surrounded by an amazing support system who kept it real and helped her gain perspective.

With a strong belief that being a woman is a superpower, we can't help but to ask her "What advice would she give to her 20 year old self?".

"Think big, believe in yourself and go kick some ass. If you don’t try, you’ll never know."


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