5 Air Stewardess Approved Snacks To Include In Your Holiday Packing List

Caught the travel bug yet? It may have been 3 years since your last leisure flight and we totally get it if you're feeling nervous for your first flight since 2019. What to pack, what airplane food to eat, should I eat before or after the flight; these questions are valid and perfectly normal.

While you're 400,000 feet in the air, the thought of ear pressure might be one of the reasons you despise travelling by air. Have a seat, take a breath, calm down as we guide you with must-have snacks to include in your holiday packing list for a breezy flight!


Funday - Fruit Gummies Snakes

Tasty Snack Asia - Holiday Snack - Funday Gummies


Foresee yourself fighting the uncomfortable ear pressure? Chew on some gummies to relieve the buildup pressure inside your ear. With the action of chewing and swallowing, the muscles that surround the ear are able to let the air out to reduce the discomfort.

Enjoy the Funday's fruity gummy snakes in 3 tasty flavours of Blackcurrant, Raspberry and Passionfruit. Contain 7g of plant-based prebiotic fibre ​with each serving, without any added sugars, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours​. Suitable for those on gluten-free and keto diets, this healthy snack is perfect to combat ear pressure.


All Like - Seaweed Banana Chips

Tasty Snack Asia - Holiday Snack - All Like Banana Chips - Seaweed


Having a long flight? Prolonged sitting on the plane might cause you to experience leg cramps. Bananas are your best bet to regulate blood pressure and help with any muscle cramps. Loaded with potassium, Including bananas before and during flight or even with your airline food can help ease your discomforts during flight.

All Like banana chips from Thailand are paper thin and so crispy. We absolutely love the natural taste of bananas with savoury seaweed seasoning. At only 130 calories, it's a healthier asian snack choice. There is no MSG, no preservatives, no cholesterol, and no artificial colouring in this easy to pack bag of chips.


Pukka - Supreme Matcha Tea

Tasty Snack Asia - Holiday Snack - Pukka - Supreme Matcha Green Tea


Feeling exhausted after your flight? Sleep deprivation from flights can be a bad start to your holiday. Matcha green tea is able to provide you with an extra energy boost that you need. Rich in antioxidants, consuming green tea and honey is known to provide a boost of energy for up to 3 - 4 hours.

Sometimes our superpowers can run low. Welcome in Pukka's Supreme Matcha tea, our super-ingredient blended with the goodness of three fairly-traded whole leaf greens: Sencha, Indian green tea and Vietnamese Pin Ho Wild Jade. Shazam - superpowers recharged. Get ready for the best start to your holiday.


Melvados - Browney Brittle


Looking for something to calm your nerves post-flight? Dark chocolates are a great snack option to consume after flight to help ease tiredness and muscle relaxation. Known to fight jet lag, these snacks are a travel hack most flight stewardesses adopt.

Have you had Melvados brownie crisp? Imagine a brownie that is condensed and packed into small bite size tiny squares. Melvados browney brittle is the perfect snack for anyone who love brownies and cookies. Combining the best of both, it has the crunch of a cookie and as chocolatey as a brownie. There are no preservatives, made from real dark cacao and it is a halal snack too. Now, you are ready to say goodbye to jetlag.


Bitemeat - Tangy Pepper Biltong


Feeling achy and stiff after your flight? Load yourself with protein to help your body bounce back. Having a jerky in hand post-flight can help relax muscles. Known as a great post workout or muscle recovery snack, it is no wonder jerkies are good for post-flight recovery too.

Tangy, sweet, peppery, and lip-smacking good, Bitemeat's tangy pepper biltong has an addictive bite and makes us go back for seconds and thirds....till oops... they are all gone. We love that these healthy nibbles come in small size packs perfect for your travels, they also make a quick high protein refuel and are halal certified. Don't forget to stuff this on the side pocket of your hand carry.



Now you're all ready to have the well-deserved vacation you needed. Tasty Snack have a range of healthy snacks that you can enjoy during your flight to your holiday destination. Skip the supermarket run, find the perfect snack and get your snack box delivered straight to your doorstep only at Tasty Snack Asia today!