5 Best Healthy Snacks To Eat After A Work Out

Eating healthy foods with proper nutrition soon after you exercise can help your body restore glycogen quickly. Glycogen is your body's fuel source which is used by muscles during workouts, especially during intense exercise.

Ever wondered if it is possible to feast after working out without wasting your efforts in the gym? Now, you don't have to indulge on heavy meals because we have listed five high protein snacks that are safe to munch on post workout and won't ruin your diet plan.


Quaker Oats' Raisins Oatmeal


Oatmeal is commonly known as breakfast food, but have you ever tried it as a post-workout snack? It is a great source of slow-digesting carbs to restore muscle and liver glycogen levels lost after working out. You may know that muscles can become inflamed after intense exercise, especially if the kind or movement of the activity is different from what you usually do. Oatmeal contains phytochemicals that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Add chia seeds or chopped nuts for additional fiber, healthy fats, and antioxidants.

Too busy to make your own oatmeal? Try Quaker Oats' Raisins Oatmeal Cookies instead. It is an easy snack which you can enjoy immediately after exercise. Made from whole wheat and raisins, which are high in fiber and without added flavours. Each of these healthy oatmeal cookies cookies is only 112 calories.


Fruit Hitz - Dried Mix Berries

Tasty Snack Asia - Holiday Snack - All Like Banana Chips - Seaweed


Need a quick low calorie snack that you can go anywhere with after working out? Dried fruit might be your answer. It has all the nutrients you need, low in protein and rich in carbohydrates. The combination of protein and carbohydrates are effective for restoring the levels of blood glucose that are decreased during exercise. For optimal benefit, you can eat dried fruit at least 20 minutes before a high-protein meal.

There are a lot of dried fruit products available, our favourite is Fruit Hitz' Dried Mixed Berry. There are blueberry, strawberry and even a cherry flavour. These are all very good sources of antioxidants for repairing damaged body cells. You can eat it straight like candy, or you may add it to yogurt or cereal. More yummy!


Greg's - Banana Crunch


After working out, eating bananas can help the body recover quickly from energy loss by boosting muscle glycogen production, reducing inflammation, and improving protein utilization. In order to prevent and treat muscle cramps, bananas' potassium and magnesium contents make them a delicious and healthy post-workout snack.

If carrying whole bananas might be inconvenient for you, Greg's Banana Crunch is a banana chips might be the answer. Made from 100% real bananas that doesn’t contain added sugar, gluten-free and vegan. It taste sweet, light and the texture is very crunchy. Very good for relaxing with friends after exercise.


137 Degrees - Original Almond Milk


Almonds are a smart choice for snacks both before and after exercise because they can maximize your benefits and prevent post-workout hunger. Almonds are a handy and tasty snacking partner that you can go with wherever you exercise and are safe for your diet, because they are packed with fiber, vitamin B, and calcium.

After working out, eating almonds might only make you thirstier. Why not try drinking almond milk instead? 137 Degrees' Original Almond Milk is made from 100% whole California almonds. No added cane sugar, only using organic coconut flower nectar, which makes a naturally sweet flavor. Almond milk by 137 Degrees also free of carrageenan, preservatives and other additives. By drinking this almond milk, which is free of trans fat and cholesterol, you can gain extra nutrients including B vitamins, folic acid, and calcium.


Forager - Tasty Cheddar


All the essential amino acids that are required for muscle growth and repair during exercise are found in cheese. Cheese provides several nutrients, including calcium and protein that helps strengthen bones, so you may enjoy it guilt-free after working out. Cheese such as Swiss cheese, cheddar, and mozzarella have 7-8 grams of calcium and protein per 100 grams, can help tone muscles.

Forager's Tasty Cheddar is manufactured in Australia from handpicked milk that has been processed, dried, and packaged in handy packaging. It is shaped like a tiny cube, has a crunchy texture, is free of preservatives and additives, and can be eaten all at once. Even better, this healthy snack can be stored out of the fridge for up to two years and can be substitute as healthy chips.



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