5 Deepavali Gift Ideas To Light Up October

Planning to celebrate Deepavali in Singapore with your Hindu friends? Let's not arrive empty handed! The festival of light falls on 24 October 2022, Day 15 of the holiest month of the Hindu calendar, Kartika.

While many look forward to the Deepavali decorations and lights down Little India, here's one of the many ways you can rediscover Indian culture and immerse yourself into the Deepavali celebration.


Sweet Deepavali Gifts

Tasty Snack Asia - Deepavali Gift Singapore - Rang Mahal - Diwali Mithais Gift Box


Have an invite to a friend's place for the Deepavali and can't wait to be offered the trending Pani Puri asian snacks? Complete the Diwali experience by arriving at their doorstep with a box of extravagantly packaged Mithais, sweet treats which symbolise joyous moments and a celebration for new beginnings in Indian culture.

Rang Mahal Mithais are made daily, with fresh wholesome ingredients and no preservatives, encased in the restaurant's range of beautiful and classic and premium boxes, reminding you of happy times and everlasting goodness. Deliver your Deepavali Greetings with the box of Mithais in hand and get ready for smiles! Email askus@tastysnack.asia if you would like to gift these sweet treats to your corporate clients or staff.


Deepavali Snacks Singapore 

Tasty Snack Asia - Deepavali Gift Singapore - Indian Snacks- Customised Gift Box Delivery In Singapore


Looking for a Deepavali Gift that is suitable for someone who is not so much of a sweet tooth? Put together a snack box filled with savoury and healthy snacks. Fill it up with papadoms, murukku, nuts and other vegetarian snacks.

We know you've been googling "Snack Box Singapore" and have been flooded by the standard options available as a gift box idea. The struggle of finding the perfect birthday gift box online is real and you can't help but to create a personalised one curated by yours truly. We made gifting simpler for you with 4 easy steps. It's so simple, you can create them yourself or use Tasty Snack's Build A Gift Box. Have fun!


Deepavali Chocolate Treats

Tasty Snack Asia - Deepavali Gift Singapore - Chocolate- Marou - 70 Dark Chocolate


When everyone around you has had their fill of Diwali mithai and you want to be different, gift chocolate. Handmade chocolates, premium chocolates, artisanal chocolates, imported chocolates - the list goes on and. So go ahead and pick one the gift box or hamper that best works for you.

Known for their award-winning chocolate bars, Marou was started by two Frenchmen back in 2011. Marou's 70% Dark Chocolate is made from 100% Vietnamese ingredients, and cacao beans that have been carefully grown and selected from six South Vietnamese provinces. This new addition to their series features Dắk Lắk Province's renown black pepper vines with a taste profile of cashew nut in this mild sweet chocolate.


Festive Nuts & Dried Fruits

27. July - Tasty Snack Asia - Deepavali Gift Singapore - Nuts & Dried Fruits - Gretel - Sprouted Cashews Sriracha


An essential part of Diwali celebrations are nuts which are widely gifted. Also known as a good source of healthy fats, fibre and other essential nutrients, nuts are a powerhouse of numerous health benefits. When in doubt, fruits and nuts are a safe gifting option.

Sprouted nuts are raw nuts that have been soaked in water until they begin to germinate, which is the first stage of plant growth. Most “sprouted” nuts being soaked in water for 3–12 hours, can boost the nuts's antioxidants, amino acids, and B vitamins. Gretel's Sriracha Ginger Honey Sprouted Cashews are a perfect blend of zesty, and a little fiery, makes these cashews taste exciting.


DIY Deepavali Rangoli Kit

27. July - Tasty Snack Asia - Deepavali Gift Singapore - Rangoli - DIY Deepavali Ragoli Kit.png


Feeling a little adventurous and planning for a group activity for Deepavali? Put together a DIY Rangoli Kit filled with colourful flower petals, coloured raw rice and even chalk powders. Better yet, hold a rangoli making contest and crown the winner for the best Deepavali Decoration.



Looking for more inspiration? Browse our catalogue of curated snacks from vegetarian, gluten-free to halal snacks and get your gift snack box delivered within 2 working days. Whether you're looking for a gift or indulging in a little snack this Deepavali, Tasty Snack has the largest variety of curated snacks in Singapore under one roof. Email us at askus@tastysnack.asia for any corporate gifting solutions or bulk gifting.