5 Easy Snacks To Pack For Your Next Flight Out

Holiday season is coming up! Do you have your holiday packing list ready? Whether you're traveling for vacation or business trips, the flight can be boring if you just sit around without snacks. Include some snacks into your hand carry, especially if you're expecting a long flight.

Don't be embarrassed to bring snacks on board as it not only helps you to prevent going hungry while flying but also provides the best savings. Additionally, food sold in airports and aeroplanes can be 1.5-2x pricier, its more economical to carry some nibbles from home.


What kind of food can’t be carried on board?


Passengers are allowed to bring almost all kinds of food on flights, excluding drinks and liquid foods larger than 100ml. Since certain types of foods with strong aromas like durian, jackfruit, and fermented foods like kimchi could bother other passengers, they are not allowed to be carried on board.


Tasty Snack have selected 5 of the best easy snacks that you may have on the plane to make your flight comfy and enjoyable.



Protein Bar

If you feel hungry during a flight, you need a snack that’s not only convenient and tasty, but also filling. Protein bars have many benefits for travellers, it’s high in protein and will save you from hunger during a delayed flight. Protein bars are the best healthy snacks to restore lost energy.


With no added fructose corn syrup, artificial colours, or flavours, Nature Valley Granola Bars Oats 'N Honey flavour is perfect for energy restoration. This protein bar is made entirely of whole wheat and has a honey-based natural sweetness to it. This healthy snack bar isn't only perfect for flight, but it's also great for breakfast or snacking at the workplace. Highly recommended!



Dried Fruit


Fruit is actually one of the recommended foods to bring on a long flight, but many skip this because they think it will be inconvenient. Did you know that there are snacks prepared with 100% real fruit. In terms of nutrients, dried fruit is just as nutritious as fresh fruit, and it makes for a convenient and nutritious travel food.


TYU dried fruit is made from a variety of fruits, including kiwi, orange, dragon fruit, apple, mango, pineapple, and many more, and is simply packaged in a tiny pouch. This dried fruit has the same exact flavour as fresh fruits without any additional flavourings or sugars. Since all of the water in the fruit is removed during processing, the flavour is actually stronger than that of fresh fruit. This snack can keep up to 2 years even if it is only kept at room temperature.





Popcorn came out on top in a quick survey of travellers' favourite menu items from airlines. So, it shouldn't be a surprise if many airlines provide popcorn as a meal option for passengers. Because it is high in fibre and includes complex carbs, which can be used as an energy source when travelling over long distances, popcorn is seen as a beneficial, delicious, and healthy snack.


You aren't a true popcorn connoisseur until you try chilli crab popcorn. Experience Singapore's famous cuisine "chilli crab" in a can of popcorn, Eureka Chili Crab Popcorn is the best travel buddy. You won't be able to put down your finger quickly because of the powerful sweet and spicy flavour combination. But don't forget to provide drinking water, because even though it's spicy, this spicy Asian snack is highly addictive!



Vegetable Crackers


Looking for a crunchy, delicious and healthy snack? You can include vegetable crackers in the list of snacks for travelling. Snacks made from a variety of veggies can provide you with the nutrition you need when travelling, and this easy snack is fully safe for consumption by anyone of any age. Vegetable crackers are the best healthy snacks that can be enjoyed while playing, especially for kids who are actively looking for snacks when travelling.


Also known as "Lady's Finger", Greenday Okra has an irresistible crunch. It's crispy, light and slime free. Greenday uses a vacuum-cooking process for this product, so there will be less oil content. The shape, colour, nutrients & vitamin remains with no sugar and no preservatives.Convenient, delicious, and nutritious as well. Highly recommended for kid-friendly travel foods!





Many airlines provide peanuts to their passengers. And for a short flight or when you suddenly feel hungry, peanuts are the best snack to reduce hunger because they contain healthy fats that keep you energized during the trip. Many travellers prefer peanuts as snacks throughout flight because they are delicious, filling, handy, long lasting, easy to eat, easy to store and affordable.


You can carry a variety of peanuts on the plane, but we recommend Ooh Mala peanuts. Singaporean peanut with a spicy taste typical of the Mala seasoning that can please spicy food lovers. While watching your favourite movie on the plane, you can enjoy these peanuts with friends or relatives in the same plane.



Now that you know what easy snacks are recommended for flight, which ones do you usually bring with you? Or which snacks have you never tried? Before deciding which one to bring, you can try our recommended snacks at Tasty Snack. Your trip will definitely be more enjoyable!