Unique Snack Box To Gift For Every Occasion

Looking for food hampers to send as presents to your friends or loved ones but can’t seem to find a perfect present for them? While a customised snack box gift is a perfect and fun solution, you might get lost and find it hard to get started.

Many people enjoy receiving snacks since they are convenient and portable, and they can be consumed with friends when they are together or when watching movies or football with pals. This is why snack boxes are the best choice for those of you who are looking for an extraordinary gift. Not regular snack boxes, but rather snack boxes created especially for the gift recipient. Let's have a look at some of the unique snack box options available at Tasty Snack.


Vegan Gift Box


Some of the top celebrities like Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Beyonce follow a vegan diet. It makes sense that veganism has become popular and is being adopted by many people. Vegan gift boxes are the perfect choice whether you have vegan friends or family members or are looking for vegan presents for co-workers or clients. This Vegan gift box is perfect for the singleton. If you are trying to keep a family happy, you may want to order more than one. All snacks and beverages included are organic or all-natural.



Southeast Asia Gift Box

Spicy and flavourful food is a favourite among Asians. So it is not surprising that spicy snacks are very popular in the market. Spicy snacks come in a wide variety of forms, including chips, popcorn, almonds, ramen, and even spicy chocolate. Visit our neighbouring countries without actually travelling . You can gift them a box of snacks from our favourite South-East Asian countries with the SEA Gift Box. Let them enjoy this snack box from the comfort of their home and reminisce the holiday memories of their favourite South East Asia holiday destination.



Nostalgia Gift Box


Don't we all wish we can turn back time? While there is no time machine, you can recreate happy childhood memories by having some nostalgic snacks. Look no further as Tasty Snack has created a Singapore Nostalgia Gift Box filled with traditional and local snacks made in Singapore that will definitely take them down memory lane... Perfect for reliving childhood memories!



Cheer Up Gift Box


Eversince the start of the pandemic, taking care of our health and wellness have been #1 in the priority list. Self-care packages will help them improve their health with healthy snacks and vitamins. Make someone's day with this snack box that will brighten up their day for sure. Comes with a pack of feel good stickers to turn those frowns upside down.



Healthy Gift Box


Who says that snacks are only made to satisfy hunger? You can either purchase a healthy gift box for yourself as a self-care or gift to others as a symbol of care for their health. For those of you who truly care about your health and want to live a healthy lifestyle, starting with changing your habit of eating junk food to eating healthy food, the healthy snack box from Tasty Snack is the perfect gift.



Build Your Own Customised Gift Box


Creating a personalized snack box is a tricky affair, from making time to source for healthy snacks, box and other decorative elements to arranging them into the box. You might not have the time for that. Now, you can make DIY snack box gifts easier with Tasty Snack!



Giving food hampers to friends, co-workers, clients, and even staff is a good way to strengthen your personal and professional connections. A simple yet enjoyable unique gift is snack boxes with a theme. You can still get a wide variety of thematic snack boxes filled with Asian snacks, Halal snacks and more from Tasty Snack. All of our gift boxes comes with a thematic playlist to complete your food gifting experience. Don't forget to include a card to your gift to make it more special. Happy gift hunting!