5 Insanely Expensive Snacks In The World Only The Rich Can Afford

Getting bored of heading out to a lavish 5-course fine dining meal in a fancy restaurant? Take fancy dinner home as you splurge on these snacks that'll turn your fine dining to fine snacking. Discover world's most expensive food or rather, snacks, from $14,000 limited edition OREOs to $10,000 melon.


Berco's Billion Dollar Popcorns (SGD $350)


Sweet, salted and caramelised. These are the popcorn flavours we are familiar with. Berco's Popcorn, a company which specialises in high end and gourmet popcorn, have just made this inexpensive snack fancy. Sprinkled with the most expensive salt ever and adorned with 23 Karats edible gold. This luxury snack is priced about $350 per tin.


St. Erik Crisps (SGD $79)


Believe it or not, this sophisticated black box consist of 5 slices of potato chips priced at $79. Created by a Swedish brewer who reinvented a universal snack, potato chips, with his IPA beer, this fine crisps contains truffle, Matsutake mushrooms and onions.


Yubari Melons (SGD $34,000)


Sold exclusively in Japan and even harder to get your hands on. Yubari Melon, grown only inside greenhouses and is only exclusive to the riches. Priced at $34,000 per kilogram, the reason why these melons are so expensive is that they are protected by geographical indication.


Pokemon Oreo (SGD $10,000)


A collaboration between OREO and Pokemon in 2021 have made headlines when a rare cookie fetched a whopping price of $14,000. With characters embelished into the cookie, collectors hunted for the rare cookie with the psychic mythical Pokemon, Mew, on it.


Diamond Stella Easter Eggs (SGD $142,000)


Made with layers of chocolate, stuffed with peach, apricot and studded with 100 half carat-diamonds. This egg-spensive Easter eggs costs $142,000, standing 65cm tall. This is one Easter egg, we would like to find during the Easter hunt!



These are some of the insanely expensive snacks in the world. Know of other snacks we've missed out? Send us a tip at askus@tastysnack.asia. Browse over 200 varieties of munchies from healthy snacks, halal snacks, Asian snacks and more at Tasty Snack. Don't worry, our snacks are friendly to your wallets too!