8 Best Singapore Local Snacks You Can't Miss Out On

You haven’t seen your friends and family for months, or perhaps it’s even been a year. They’re going to be expecting something pretty special to be pulled out from your suitcase once you’ve settled in, and a change of clothes and toiletries are just not going to cut it. The airline won’t let you carry a durian on board and your sister has already threatened you with disembowelment if you bring her another tacky t-shirt exhorting the “fineness” of Singapore.

Whether you're a foodie Singaporean or a tourist looking for food souvenirs to bring back home, we know that with this list of awesome Singapore Snacks souvenirs, the temptation to buy them all for yourself is great. Nevertheless, we’d recommend mustering up the strength to hand them over to your friends and family as souvenirs of your time here. From Laksa flavoured crisps, Kaya Butter Toast popcorn to Pisang Goreng brittle, the list goes on!


Irvins - Salted Egg Fish Skin


Known as the original #DangerouslyAddictive snack from Singapore, Irvins Salted Egg humble beginnings started in 2009 serving delicious salted egg crab dish in its restaurant. It's no surprise that the salted snacks became a hit and Singaporeans can't get enough.

The salted duck egg is a familiar ingredient used in Asian dishes, and Irvins' Salted Egg Fish Skin brought it to the next level. The crisps of the fried fish skin is mixed with aromatics such as curry leaves and red chilli peppers. A great tasting snack filled with a burst of rich Singapore flavours.


Fupi - Laksa Beancurd Crisp


Launched in 2020, Fupi introduced their beancurd skin snacks for all Singaporeans to try. Transforming the beancurd skin into snacks with flavours like Thai Green Curry, Laksa, Mala and many more, these savoury crunch is one of the most sought after vegetarian snacks in Singapore.

Let the flavour of the aromatic coconut milk, the blend of spices and herbs, and all the other defining things that make Nyonya Laksa take over your tastebuds. The sweet, salty and spiciness of Fupi's Nyonya Laksa makes it ridiculously addictive! The snack is complete with aromatic notes of the spices and herbs with the familiar sweet, salty and spicy of Laksa that we all love.


Crusty - Singapore Chicken Rice Potato Chips


Started in 2015, Crusty offers one of the famous snacks in Singapore with a wide range of bites which includes halal-certified Crab stick Crisps, Soy Skin and Potato Chips complete with quirky flavours inspired by local dishes.

If you're torn between Crusty's many interesting flavours, we strongly recommend you to try their Singapore Chicken Rice Potato Chips. Inspired by local dishes, Crusty’s launched the new flavour under their Hawker Culture series. Enjoy the ridge-cut potato chips which are reminiscent of the Singaporean dish.


Golden Duck - Chilli Crab Seaweed Tempura


Set out in 2015, Golden Duck is a one of the pioneers of salted egg yolk gourmet snack. Since their growth in popularity, we are blessed with a total of 6 flavours to snack on. Get ready to feast on potato chips, seaweed tempura and fish skin crisps complete with flavours like Singapore Chilli Crab, Tom Yum Goong and the original Salted Egg.

If you're visiting Singapore, one of the many dishes that you need to try is Singapore Chilli Crab. Not only can you find them in restaurants and hawker centres, Golden Duck makes it so accessible with their very own Chilli Crab Seaweed Tempura. The seaweed squares are roasted, coated with house-made tempura batter, deep-fried and then topped with REAL crab meat. Snacking on them is almost like digging into your favourite local crab dish. It's a perfect gift to share the taste of Singapore back home.


Uncle Sabas - Poppadoms


Started in 1919, Uncle Saba food journey began when his father arrived in Singapore. With over hundreds of foods and snacks, their Poppadoms is one of the sought after snacks. Uncle Saba's range of Poppadoms and chickpea crisps are gluten-free healthy snacks that contain plant-based protein and fibre, and are made with love.

Made with high protein lentils, these disc-shaped Indian crackers are crunchy and a healthier alternative to potato chips. Did we also mention that they are gluten and cholesterol-free, and suitable for vegans, you can thank us later for recommending you this snack!



Dans - Dark Chocolate Brownies


Started as a home experiment from a traditional family recipe which incidentally turned into an addictive unique crunchy Brownie-Cookies fusion, Dan's Bites preserved the rich classic brownie taste while giving it a crispy twist.

Looking for sweet and halal snacks in Singapore? Dan's Bites is the way to go. From flavours like Dark Chocolate, Mixed Nuts, White Chocolate and Milk Tea, these crispy treats are handcrafted to perfection to preserve the traditional brownie taste with an added twist. Tasty recommends the Milk Tea Brownie Crisps for the bubble tea lovers.

The Kettle Gourmet - Kaya Butter Toast Popcorn


Started in 2017, The Kettle Gourmet is one of the premier popcorn brands Singapore is proud of. From all-time favourite salted caramel popcorn to unique flavours like nasi lemak and chicken floss, it's a popcorn party we didn't know we needed.

One of Singapore’s breakfast favourites, Kaya Butter Toast is a simple snack of toasted slices of bread sandwiching silky smooth butter and a rich spread of sweet creamy kaya, a traditional jam made of coconut and eggs. Kettle Gourmet’s Kaya Butter Toast will melt the heart of the hardest hearts. Sweet, crunchy, popping goodness that tastes like the real thing!


Melvados - Pisang Goreng Brittle


Started in 2004 to meet the needs of foodies in Singapore who love gourmet meals. Their passion for food led to creating a range of ready to eat meals and delicious desserts perfect for busy adults. With the hope to make gourmet food more accessible and convenient to everyone, you don't have to worry about a sink filled with dirty dishes!

Get ready for a unique reinvention of the well-loved local snack originally made with bananas and dipped in home-made batter. Melvado's Pisang Goreng brittle is a modern take on the nostalgic hawker snack. Topped with banana cornflakes, this crispy fresh banana chips will make you 'go bananas' for this snack.

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