Best of 6 Light Late Night Snacks For Your Friend's Gathering

Are you planning on spending some time with your friends? Having a movie night, slumber party, a game night or just a casual hangout? Whatever it is, don’t forget to bring along some delicious snacks!

You don't have to be a talented chef to prepare light late night snacks for your friends. If you are getting confused to choose what snacks to munch with your friends? Don’t worry! Tasty Snack will help you choose the best snacks, from Asian snacks to Halal Snacks for you. Just sit back and relax!



17. August - Tasty Snack Asia - Light Late Night Snacks In Singapore - Movietime Popcorn - Butter Popcorn.png


Popcorn and movie night with your group of friends are the perfect combination to have a great time! It's a natural healthy snack which contains lots of fibre! Created by heating up a kernel, “pop aired” popcorn also became a popular healthy snack to accompany while you watch a movie.

Planning to enjoy a movie night with a bag of popcorn without feeling guilty? Movietime's butter popcorn is your answer. You can enjoy this sweet low calorie snack without worrying about gaining weight or impact from high amounts of sugar in regular popcorn. This small pack popcorn is excellent for guilt-free snacking on any occasion.



Tasty Snack Asia - Light Late Night Snacks In Singapore - Peckish - Tangy BBQ Rice Crackers


Did you know that crackers are healthier than biscuits? Crackers have lower calories, are dry baked, and contain less water hence make it thinner and crispier. It’s perfect to pair crackers with jam or cheese for your game night with your friends.

You've never had a cracker quite like this before - by air baking (yes, using hot air), Peckish's Tangy BBQ Rice Crackers have a thinner, lighter and crispier cracker. This unique way of baking layers of Jasmine Rice finished with Tangy Barbeque flavours is what creates the perfect crunch and lightness in each delicious bite.



Tasty Snack Asia - Light Late Night Snacks In Singapore - Ceres Organics - Organic Sriracha Thail Chilli Chickpea Crisps


Crisps are a classic savoury midnight snack for hanging out with friends! They are perfect for nibbles during a night with your best pals. So, don't forget to always bring some delicious crisps in your bag so you can share it with friends.

Ceres Organics’ chickpea crisps with the added nutrients of chickpeas and the harmonic flavours of Thai chilli is ideal for a late night snack. Not only have a specific spicy and salty taste, these delicious chickpea chips are prepared purely from organic and high-quality ingredients! This healthy snack would be perfect to serve to your vegetarian friends.



Tasty Snack Asia - Light Late Night Snacks In Singapore - With Love, Gretel - Natural Baked Sprouted Cashews


Looking for a healthy late night snack to enjoy with your friends? Having some nuts on hand as a late night snack is the answer. Nuts are a high-calorie snack that can relieve hunger and are also healthy. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and pistachios are perfect for a healthy diet because of their high fibre and protein. So, all you have to do is decide which nuts are perfect for your event.

Sprouted nuts are raw nuts that have been soaked in water until they begin to germinate, which is the first stage of plant growth. Most “sprouted” nuts being soaked in water for 3–12 hours, can boost the nuts's antioxidants, amino acids, and B vitamins. Gretel's Natural Baked Sprouted Cashews are chocked full of plant protein and will keep you in your diet.



Tasty Snack Asia - Light Late Night Snacks In Singapore - Funday Sweets - Raspberry Flavoured Gummy Frogs


Who says candy is only for kids? Candy is a stress-relieving snack that is suitable for all ages. You can choose hard candy, soft candy, or gummies. So, if you need to relax and have fun with your friends, just bring some candy!

Are you on a vegan diet? Enjoy these lovely red frogs that are loaded with rich raspberry flavour! Funday’s red raspberry frogs gummies are a guilt-free delight made with genuine food ingredients and gut-loving probiotic fibre. These raspberry frogs are crafted from natural and incredibly healthy ingredients, with no added sugar.



Tasty Snack Asia - Light Late Night Snacks In Singapore - Quaker Oats - Oats and Raising Cookies


Who can resist a plate full of cookies? When you want to visit your friends on a friendship day and want to surprise them, just bring a platter of cookies. You can make it yourself or you can put them off the shelves. Your friends will be happier if you have cookies with different flavours like chocolate, cheese or even wholegrain!

Made with chewy raisins and baked with oats, Quaker Oats' Raisins oatmeal cookies can be an addition to your cookie platter. Combining taste and nutrition, there is no guilt in munching these cookies while having a good time with your friends.


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